Fable’s Guard Dog

Sandy and Miko could only watch the boisterous tanuki run off into the woods. She and the bag of money seemed to fade together into the clinging mist all around the trees and she was gone in an instant, with the exception of her carrying laughter.

The silence that followed was filled by the chatter of those around them. Almost everyone in Fable had been woken up by the fighting and the ever-gathering crowd. Sandy was staring out to the tree line with Miko when the others came up behind them.

You chased her off. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save the money. You’re not hurt, are you? Just my pride. She was so fast…

The crowd began to part in back to seemingly no one. Once the real Snow Puff had gotten close enough to the two of them did they see her pushing through the crowd. It was so hard to explain to her why so many of the villagers were afraid of her at first, but they eventually managed it.

Everyone! Please return to your homes. We’re going to clean up things here. We’d be glad to help. Thank you. I’ll send a note to Maxine to ask her to forgive your lateness tomorrow. This will take some effort. No need. I saw the whole thing. And in case anyone is wondering, these two are in my employment! You heard it here, folks! Heroes work for Kemono Cafe! Heroes…? No. We just- Attempted to thwart a thief in the middle of the night? I believe that counts. But what if she comes back? She can turn into any one of us! Yes. There is a clear and present need for law enforcement. ! But she got away. I didn’t catch her. Focus on the fact she was forced to only take what she could carry. Thanks to you, we have a chance to restore normalcy. Ms. Mayor! I wish to apply for the position of Fable’s police officer! Let me catch that thief! Perfect! Miko, with all of the town giving witness, I give you permission to act in Fable’s employment as a police officer while in pursuit of this Hannah character. If you can demonstrate the ability to capture the thief, the position will become permanent and we will find someone new to deliver our mail.

Miko looked like she was standing a whole head taller. Her chest was puffed out and she gave a crisp salute in response to Snow Puff’s speech. The town rose in applause for her.

Alright! She can do it! Who’s a good girl?! She is! Make me proud, Miko. Yes, ma’am!

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