Kona’s Mail Bag 3

And we’re back! Look, Kona! It’s another one for me! Gosh, I feel like I’m up to my ears in Miko fan mail. You all sure know what you like. Ooooh… It’s another one for me! And another… And another… And another… That sure does feel like the theme today… But I’m not going to make someone feel bad for being popular. You deserve it. Thanks. I think we’re ready to count them all up.
Holy Smokestacks… Look at that spread. I’m on top… Is that good? Sure is. We asked people to rank their favorite character from 1st to 7th. This number is an average. The higher you are, the better. This is a nice way of looking at it. It means not a lot of people are disliked. Except for, you know, the thief that stepped on everyone’s favorite two characters! Hah! I’m gonna catch that tanuki if it’s the last thing I do… And you’re sure you’re okay? Oh yeah. No worries. I’m okay with you being so high up. Well… you tied with Maxine. She didn’t beat me. And that’s what matters. No one’s eating their hat today! Anywho… let’s start working on this pile, shall we? Is there a stage or outdoor theater in Fable for musicians/singers to perform? Oh I hope so! I heard some of the fans that came on the train were musicians! That would be so cool to watch. I never could afford concert tickets before. I’d love to go watch a show. Looks like we should build one. That shouldn’t be too hard for Jill. As long as it doesn’t get too loud at night… I want peace and quiet, you hear me? Miko, who’s a good girl? Well… I think everyone in Fable is good. We’re all very supportive of one another. And who are we to judge who is good and who is bad? Perhaps good and bad are more fluid concepts, ya? Who are you? A travelling philosopher. Dr. Doppelbock. This question was obviously meant for me. Oh how lucky! So who is a good girl? Do you know? No one is free from sin, frau doggo. While it is unclear if we will ever find a “good girl”, know with certainty it isn’t you. Oh… Miko, will you ever become a police dog one day or are you stuck as a Mail dog? I’m getting all the questions! But I’m going to do my best to prove I can be a cop! If Snow Puff thinks the town needs one, I’ll be first in line! Now I just need to figure out how to pay her… Dear Miko, you always seem so dedicated to your job. What’s something you like to do in your free time or your ideal date? My ideal date? Well they’ve got to like stargazing, that’s for su- Kona… That’s one of mine too. Oof. I really like camping and walking in the woods. The smell of the trees is my favorite. But my absolute favorite? Playing in the snow. Snowmen, snowball fights, making things… I love the snow more than anything. My ideal date would be playing on a snow day and then a warm fire to have a donut and coffee next to once I come back inside. Nothing better! How short is too short? Height of a partner. Well… that’s not something I really think abo- No! No- No no no, that one isn’t addressed to you! Oh my gosh, it isn’t! Quick! Get someone else in here! The sky’s the limit! Seriously? Certainly! I want my partner to sweep me off my feet! And since we’re currently in fantasy land, let’s have him be taller by a head or more! With large, rippling muscles… rugged shaggy fur… or perhaps a deep cocoa butter tan. So how short is too short? Well… Who are you looking at?! are there any shark people how live in fable or its surrounding areas Rude… Oh, not you, dear viewer. We do have aquatic residents that regularly use the lake. But very few. Here’s hoping some more come! Miko, do you have any funny stories about the mayor? Let me tell you about this one time Maxine wanted the roads fixed. Wait… How is that a funny story? Remember when Maxine made you that carrot cake to thank you for all your hard work? ! How could I forget it… I thought it was really clever! Getting such a nice cake for her, and then paying for a carriage to take you home? Yes… clever… A… ah… The roads were fixed the next day! We figured you’d notice how bad the roads were if you didn’t walk or something. I forget the details. We hit a pothole so large it made the cake fly up from my lap into my face… But this is the first I heard of it being intentional. GOTTAGO! Miko, besides donuts, what is your go-to meal?! Uh… well… I eat a lot of junk. Hot dogs. Pizza. Ramen… I’m a sucker for actual cooking, so my favorite meal is anything Maxine makes. That’s why I sometimes come over for dinner. I’m a terrible cook and I can’t afford the nice restaurant. So I guess my favorite food would be hot dogs. I love having those with a lot of onions and peppers. Or ketchup and jalapenos… Oh! Oh! Or chili and coleslaw! Okay, I’m curious…who is this Alex that keeps coming up with the interviews? This Alex guy…is he like the only male in Fable? I… I think I’ve outrun her. You see, the fact that there are so many women in Fable is due to how it was set up. When all of Kemono Cafe was starting, the website… not the town… Everyone involved was asked to donate one character to become the cast. Imagine the shock to see that every single one of them was a woman. Alex was the first character donated to be a man. It’s just a coincidence. Not that I’m complaining. So, Maxine… Do you happen to be doing anything this evening? Hmm… I’m sorry, Alex. Well that was quick. Am I not your type? Please reference the earlier questions. It was already covered. Is there an underground lagoon in fable? If so, then it would be a cool place to visit. Rippling muscles… A cocoa butter tan… A head taller at least?! That woman doesn’t want a man. She wants a romance novel! Heh. Heh… No worries, though. I can wait. Excuse me, Jill? What do you want?! Holy smokestacks… Is everyone in a bad mood? I’m in the middle of digging a tunnel to see if we have an underground lagoon! What, for this question? Why not just tell them we haven’t found one? Because we never really looked, did we? And I never leave a job half done! Hey Kona. Does fable have any cool hiking trails? Yeah. Tons. It’s a real good time. Most of the mountains around Fable are totally empty. No reason to go up there. Whenever I want to escape, even going into the woods a tiny bit will be enough to get away from it all. Kona, which of the residents would you consider a special someone? Oooh ho ho! Two in a row! I may have tied with Maxine. But I definitely got more questions than her. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a special someone. Now that isn’t entirely true. Dare I ask? Look how once you were presented with the question, your mind immediately leapt to someone, did it not? ! Look inside yourself. You know it to be true. Who are you to tell me that? Aren’t you a philosopher? And… psychiatrist! There’s much overlap. It was my minor in college. Huh… well, I guess I can’t argue with that. And I guess that’s that. Thank you for all the letters, everyone! I really appreciate all the attention. Oh, I knew it. You’re upset, aren’t you? No. Just thinking about stuff. For the rest of you, please send us some more letters when you get the chance, everyone! To all of us! See you next time!