Map of Fable

Welcome to the world of Kemono Cafe! It is located in the small mountain village of Fable. The café serves both the locals and travelers from far-flung regions of the globe, and beyond that, several other comic universes!


Just some of the landmark locations you don't want to miss during your visit to Fable! All of these locations have either appeared or will appear in the story at some point!

Fable Station

Home to the Escapade and the only way in or out of town. Those who walk the track are never seen again!

Kemono Cafe

You are here! And it's a good thing, too. Sandy really needs the customers.

Jill's Mill

Jill lives just at the border of the impenetrable Illusion Forest. Be careful if you smell pie... She can be territorial.

Dreamer's Dock

One of the loneliest places in town. No ships come or go... But at least it is Kona's favorite fishing spot.

Bookend Isle

Named as Fable's easternmost point, swimming out to bookend and back is one of the oldest Fable traditions.

Pageturner Ranch

Renamed as a pun by Maxine when competitors arose. "Don't buy it if it's not a REAL Pageturner!" She'd say.

Mysterious Manor

An abandoned house of unknown origin and the center of many a spooky story in Fable. Not even the forest tries to reclaim it...

"The Mines"

Miners in Fable know not to go too deep. There's a good chance they'll wake up something they never want to see again.

Honorary Fable Residents

Below are some of the honorary residents of Fable, generously sponsored by our patrons. Each one has appeared in the Fable comic, so make sure you keep an eye out for them as you walk around town!

Singer Martial Arts Instructor & Medicine Woman Barristo and Cookie Aficionado Musician Business manager Martial Artist: Fire Technique Martial Artist: Water Technique Miner Visitor Visitor Visitor ????? Gym Assistant Visitor Visitor Visitor Visitor Restaurant Greeter
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