About Us

What is Kemono Cafe?

We made a handy intro video to advertise ourselves and help explain what were going for. We hope you enjoy it!

How about a summary?

We are a webcomic host that tries to differentiate itself with its own content. The content is partially created by our members through donating characters to a fictional town called Fable. We are a webhost with a cast of characters we do things with, just like a webcomic, if that makes sense.

Who are you guys?

Kemono Cafe is owned by SKAMP, LLC. We’re a group of comic fans that wanted to help our friends host their creative works while also doing something fun for ourselves. If you need to contact us, please do so at contact@kemono.cafe

Can I join KC?

We would like that very much! If you have a work that you’d like to host with Kemono Cafe, please contact us. Our biggest concern is community participation. If your objective is to just find a place to post your content, there are plenty of alternatives out there. If you’d like to join a project, make a character for Fable and simultaneously host content with us, that’s much more likely to get accepted.

We aren’t expanding for the sake of it. Our model only works if we stay small. If we want to expand, that’s a big deal for us and we really want that member to love what we do and help out with the community.

Do I have to make a character for Fable?

No. This part is optional. However, we are actively looking for people who want to do this and it would help your application. You may re-use any character you already have for a Fable version of that character.

You get to keep the character as well. You do not transfer any rights for the character to us and may re-use the character in any way you like. If you decide to leave KC later, we will not remove references to your donated character (such as previous KC updates). That would be a nightmare.

Is there a cost to host my works with you?

No. KC is financed through ad revenue and our Patreon supporters. This means you do not need to pay any admission fee, subscription fee… nothing. So far, we’ve noticed the biggest burden is that we ask you to make the graphics for your custom comic theme. This is a cost of a sort since it’s your time. Also, you should factor in the cost of making a Fable resident if you’d like to go that route.

How about some Fan Art?

Also nice. We cross-post all our fan-art in our Gallery and on Fur Affinity. If you’d like to make some for us (and thank you!), feel free to reach out on FA, Twitter, or by email.