SMMG: Hashtags

Hello and salutations all you wonderful folks out there. This is The Social Guy coming to you in written format here on Kemono Cafe for an installment of the Social Media Managing Guide. For today’s topic, I would like to discuss with you, the readers, the six hashtags you should use when uploading content on any gallery platform. Please note that anyone can use this strategy, whether you be an artist or a commissioner. As for my credentials, I have been a Social Media Consultant and Manager for nearly two years now.

Hashtag No. 1: Username

Check out the Kemono Cafe FurAffinity page today for comic updates, art, and more! Somewhat of the most obvious and unusual of the six, the username should be your first hashtag on any platform. On some search engines across the various social media platforms out there, simply typing in a username into the search engine doesn’t pull up anything from said username unless the post actually has the username as a hashtag. Granted that this doesn’t help generate new users as they have no idea who you are, the username hashtag does help your old followers in searching for your artwork just in case the URL doesn’t work for some reason.

Hashtag No. 2: Gender

Special thanks to Chalodillo and Mastergodai for the images! For purposes of MALE, I would recommend including such hashtags as male, man, guy, lad, and boy. For purposes of FEMALE, I would recommend including such hashtags as female, woman, gal, lass, and girl.

Hashtag No. 3: Species

For purposes of furry characters, species is a must as there are a ton of animal species out there. And here’s yet another test. Please identify the species of the images below.
Special thanks to Mastergodai for permission to use these images. The correct answer is CIVET, LYNX, and RABBIT. With that being said, most people aren’t going to specific species, such as civet or lynx, when conducting searches. That’s why you should use more simplistic hashtags. For example, for CIVET, I would recommend that you include other such hashtags as cat, feline, and kitty. For dogs, I would recommend that you include other such hashtags as canine, dog, and puppy. For rabbits, I would recommend that you include other such hashtags as rabbit, bunny, and hare.

Hashtag No. 4: Permissions

When I refer to PERMISSIONS, I’m referring to two broad categories, specifically Safe For Work (SFW) and Not Safe For Work (NSFW). For purposes of SFW, I refer to an image that doesn’t contain exposed genitalia. For purposes of NSFW, I refer to an image that goes contain exposed genitalia. I’ll admit that these two definitions are gray areas, but let’s just go with it. Shall we? For purposes of Safe For Work content, I would recommend that you include such hashtags as SFW and general. For purposes of Not Safe For Work content, I would recommend that you include such hashtags as NSFW, mature, and adult.

Hashtag No. 5: Dominate Colors

And now for the last one…with yet another test. Please look at the images here and tell me the colors in each image.
Special thanks to Chalodillo, Avencri, and Nekonny If you listed more than two colors, then you listed too many. For this particular hashtag, I would recommend AT MOST two colors. So in the above example, the left one would be red and brown, the middle one would be white and green, and the right one would be brown and green. Normally, I would go with one color of clothing and one color of fur or hair. And remember to keep the colors simple, such as the ones in the rainbow. That’s all the time we have here folks. See you next time.