The Lookalike

Miko was a lot quicker than Sandy thought. The fluffy samoyed dove into a fight with Snow Puff before she could escape. Snow Puff was shocked when someone actually came out of the crowd after her and hopped around Miko, barely bounding out of her arms again and again. Miko nearly ran into city hall after one of the dives, but then pushed off of the building and went for a low scooping grab that picked Snow Puff right up off the ground.

Hands off! Got you! Do you now? You’re going to have to do better than that!

People gathered to watch and cheer Miko on. But the victory was short-lived. Snow Puff was able to wrestle free from Miko’s hold. She slid around in Miko’s arms and started rapidly kicking Miko’s cheek with her big rabbit feet. Sandy gasped as the bunny played the drums on Miko with a blur of rapid strikes before falling out of Miko’s arms into a backflip. 

This is so much fun and all. But I really should be going. You should be proud. You forced me to travel light. Ow ow ow… Miko…

And that’s when Sandy had to get in there and help. She felt scared for Miko tackling this alone. Snow Puff had just picked up one of the bags of money and flicked the immense sack over her shoulder, looking up to see Sandy approach. Sandy knew she’d messed up when Snow Puff looked smug.

You stop right there. Hmmm. Here we go. Watch out Sandy!

Miko dove for Snow Puff a second time… But the rabbit wasn’t there by the time she arrived. Miko’s arms closed around a thick plume of white mist and suddenly Sandy was off balance. Sandy wobbled badly back and forth as something stomped right on her head. She leaned down and wobbled her hands around in circles to try to keep her balance. It felt like someone was standing on her!

Come back here you… whatever you are! Hah! You don’t know who I am? Now that I think about it. I haven’t chosen a name yet… Get her off! A tanuki of my abilities should have a fitting name. I’ve got it! LOUIS-LISELOTTE HANNA-MARIE VON HAUS GRUBENSTEIN! She’s in my hair! You may call me Hannah.

Sandy was thrown forward as Miko came up to help. She reached for the thief but all the tanuki had to do was take one more step and Sandy was thrown into Miko’s arms. There was a burst of laughter from the impish raccoon as she began sprinting away with the money. The crowd parted and gasped! She was getting away!

She’s getting away! Someone stop her! Where are the police? I don’t think this town has any…

Miko and Sandy were able to stand up just in time to watch the tanuki clear the border of the town and run straight into the forest. With an incredible leap, Hannah sprang up into one of the tree branches to mock the onlookers.

It certainly does not! Which means I will be seeing you two next time, ya? Bring back everyone’s money! I will be glad to pay it back to you when you learn how to make real german beer. Honestly, what even is a mountain village that cannot make a fine doppelbock?! See you again, you unfortunate drain clog! Grrrr!

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