Emoticon Theater 5

This special update was made possible by our supporters on Patreon! Just like last time, we have two similar questions we’re going to wrap together… Like some kind of warm, full, Kemono Café burrito… The questions are: “To Sandy: Do you think you will hire people to help you with the cafe? And if so, will you give the workers the same uniform?” And: “To Miko: We all know you want to be a police dog but first since you’re the one handling the mail maybe if we got you some helper or someone to do the mail wouldn’t that free you up for your passion?” It looks as if both questions are regarding taking on some help. As if we’re just made of money right now… I thought you literally found a pile of gold. Aheh… Yes, about that. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I think my investments might be a little more… long-term than I was hoping. What happened? No one told me NZ Coin was only worth a tenth of what I paid, that’s what! My portfolio is so red they could use it in bullfighting! And I don’t get it… Everyone was so excited online, it was such a sure thing. Now everyone’s talking about Nekotherium or whatever. So you’re saying you were all pumped up… and then dumped? Olé! Just do the question, already. So, more workers… This ties into what we talked about last week with Snow Puff pretty well. Yeah, we sure do need more people. Just a reminder, folks. You do need to tell us if you want your character in Fable. We do have a few up there now. But the more, the better. I really hope Maxine asks before giving this uniform out to anyone. I’m getting used to it, but gosh… We really should rename it to Swimsuit Café. Bikini Baristas are a thing, you know. Just not my thing… I’m personally on the fence about Maxine hiring new help for me. Why’s that? You look like you’re run ragged. And you run all over town for your job. Don’t you want help too? Oh no way. Well, maybe… Maybe if it was you. Yeah… I think that’s exactly how I feel, too. I hope this is what the people asking wanted to hear. But I could imagine my job being a little easier if I had friends to help me out. But this is such a new, great experience. I have the cafe all to myself and can run it how I want. All the dishes are in the places I want. All my receipts are sorted the way I want… Sounds very liberating. It is! Is that how you feel? Being a mail dog means I get lots of exercise and fresh air. What self-respecting canine wouldn’t think that was the best job in the world? But… I thought you didn’t want to be a postal worker. Right. I don’t want to just fade into the background and deliver letters. I wanna help people. I’m just doing the next best thing until then. Besides, it’s missing something crucial to the canine experience… And what’s that? The chase… Ulp. The thrill of chasing a perp down is what I live for, Sandy! That look in their eyes when they realize you’re right behind them… THE LEAP! Olé! AAAUGH! That’s the bovine experience, Alex! Look at her run! No fair scaring off my partner. I feel the question’s been adequately answered anyway. You two like to work alone because it makes you feel useful and in control. Compared to a diner where you just get bossed around all day. And unlike the stock market, your actions are morally and financially rewarding. Uhh… Why does every company I touch turn to ash, Sandy?! WHY? See you all next time!