Goodnight, Sandy

Sandy didn’t know how tired she was until she laid down. Her body felt blankets and the snug comfort of pajamas and refused to get up. Sandy was tempted to go get some water. But because that would mean leaving this tiny square of comfort behind, it simply wasn’t going to happen. Instead, she resigned to her fate and decided to try out the things she’d just bought.

Maxine was right, of course, a little bit of that money did come right back to her. Once they were finished ordering Sandy’s new shoes, she walked around the shop with new eyes. One of the things that stood out to Sandy was how all of the price tags now made sense. Sandy could now ‘feel’ how expensive something was with a glance and weigh her future hobbies against the money she owned.

It felt good to shop. In only a few weeks, Sandy was ‘richer’ in her own mind than she’d ever been back in Low Point. The things she wanted to do weren’t impossibly difficult dreams, only within reach thanks to predatory debt. Instead all of the things in the front of Maxine’s shop were now paths she could walk slowly and fully own every step of the way. Sandy decided to give Maxine’s a better search when she wasn’t so tired and partially barefoot. That and she also happened to like her new gold coins so much she wasn’t ready to part with them just yet. Instead she spent some silver on some blank books, some wide pieces of paper, and a bunch of new pencils and large erasers.

As Sandy lay there in bed, she set into her new hobby with determination. She had been putting this off her whole life and there wasn’t any reason to wait a moment more. She was going to learn how to write books and illustrate them too.

Here we go. I don’t care if I’m bad at it. I won’t be forever. And that’s what matters. But what should I write about? A blank page has never looked so intimidating before. Well, you know what they say… Write what you know. But I definitely don’t want to write a story about a waitress… My confidence soars! Kona… She’s a vagabond who wants to be free. She’s the engineer of a magical train that can take you anywhere the imagination can go. Gosh, I can’t believe that’s real. But I owe her so much. Kona knew I’d have a better life here. But if I knew where I was going, I would have never left. I’d be back in Low Point because that was all I knew. I hope Kona isn’t lonely out in the woods like that. I don’t want someone so nice to feel alone. I’ll invite her to go fishing. I can afford a fishing pole now! It’s a special day. I wanted to make sure you felt welcome. Then there’s Maxine. She’s the one who knew what I was in for. Kona’s way of life isn’t for everyone. Just because you take the first step doesn’t mean the rest of them are any easier. I have a job and a home now because of Maxine. And I’ll write down Maxine’s opinion on success. I liked it… Just like how she helped me so she could have another business, I have to look out on my own for opportunity and go for it. Your service is appreciated, citizen! And Miko. I’ve never had anyone in my whole life that felt like a best friend. But Miko is that person, I’m sure of it. She’s super honest and straightforward. But she’s not using it as an excuse just to hurt people and pretend she’s saying things other people don’t want to say. I’m so happy around her. I’m going to help her reach her dreams. And if you go too far, Fable forgets all about you. And speaking of friends… It felt so good to try and make friends with someone who wasn’t expecting it. Jill is calm and practical. But she got so used to being alone that she’s actually shy when people come over. She was worried about being judged despite being this amazing person… I’ll have to remember that. I want her to feel welcome in town. And there’s already more and more people showing up in my life. The town is getting bigger all the time now that we’re getting visitors. I guess this blank book just became my journal. And I’m okay with that. I’ll end my first entry on a good note. I’m happy. I feel like I’m in charge of my life at last. I choose to be here. I love my new friends. And I’m never going- And I’m never going back. I love it here. Goodnight, journal. See you tomorrow.