A Very Important Date

Welcome to Kemono Café! Yo. Can I get an éclair and a café crème? That’s a new one! What inspired you this morning? It’s a new fancy diet I picked up. I can only eat accented foods. Oh. Ha ha… Ey. Seriously, though. I need my fix. Coming right up! Man, it’s 10PM where I’m going. That’s nuts. Guess I’ll get the blankets out in case they’re about to crash. And before you go, take this. Whu…. HEY! You made me breakfast! Just a little bit of protein to go with all that sugar. I even snuck in a vegetable or two. I dunno… Veggies for breakfast? I even made it look like a kid’s meal so it won’t cramp your style. Aaaaahahaha! Fine, ya got me. Thanks, hun. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that watch up close.
Pretty neat, right? It’s covered with so much stuff. How do you make sense of it? The black hands are here and the brass hands are where the Escapade wants to go next. Sometimes I can tell a new ticket’s out there just by those hands moving. The rest of the stuff is pretty complicated. Like this ridge here moves to tell me which way is up where I’m landing. Which I barely have to use since the train doesn’t really need me to fly. But just in case, yanno. Has the train ever left without you? Nah. I don’t have to worry about that. If this watch isn’t on board, the train’s fires are out. I found it all nestled up in an old uniform way back when. Woooow. That’s so cool. Been looking at my watch so long, I forgot the time. Can’t be late! See ya, Sandy! Bye Kona! Don’t forget your breakfast! … Without the watch, the fires are out. At last. You better watch your watch, you rootless rabbit. Because once I have it, you’ll- *GROWL!* Schemes later… Breakfast now.