New Comics!!!

Hey there all you wonderful folks out there! This is Alex from the Kemono Cafe. And I just realized something recently while going through the sites. While we did announce are newest comics on our Social Media Profiles, we never did a proper introduction of any of them. So to remedy that right now, I’m writing this particular article to introduce the three newest comics. So let’s get the ball rolling… …with the first new comic that joined the Kemono Cafe. Introducing BETHELLIUM! Master alchemist Zoana is invited to the mystical city of Bethellium under false pretenses. Brought to save a life, why is her craft treated with fear and suspicion? It’s a medival fantasy furry webcomic with magic… …and foxy vixens and roaring tigers. ABlueDeer is the creative genius behind the project. Be sure to catch ABlueDeer on… TWITTER DEVIANTART FURAFFINITY And now for some artworks! Next on the list is PRINCESS BUNNY! Ella’s never got to spend much time with her family as her father is a governor, her mother a busy sorceress and her older brother getting trained to become a knight. Ella always admired her family and instead of crying for being alone, she used that time to become someone as interesting as them. Things got complicated and now Ella must use her training to find her mother that never returned from a dangerous mission. It did get recently changed to a series of short stories… …but you can still HOP in on all the bunny adventures. is the talent behind Princess Bunny. Be sure to catch on… TWITTER DEVIANTART FURAFFINITY And lets show off the artworks! Last, but certainly not least, is ULTRA ROSA Ultra power imbued Bounty Hunter and her eccentric crew travel the stars for their next mark! I binged the whole series and am in awe of all the fine action… …and some fantastic buns. Sr.Kah is the creator behind Ultra Rosa. Be sure to catch Sr.Kah on… TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Now for the artworks! Thanks for the read! See you all next time!