The Spotlight: Swimsuits

Hello all you beautiful people out there! Are you ready for Spring as much as I am? I miss swimming something fierce… For those following along, one of my favorite things to do in Fable is swim with my friends. However, as you can clearly see from our banner up above, it’s still snowing outside. I’m willing to bet it’s exceedingly cold where you live as well. And trust me… It’s very cold in Fable. I was so desperate to swim I tried the polar bear challenge. That’s why I’m here with everyone’s favorite resident ranger Jill! She found my frozen body and nursed me back to health! Don’t mention it. Shouldn’t you be in prison? I actually got parolled! I haven’t said a pun in a whole 36 hours. I’m so proud of myself. 132 more and I’ll have a clean bill of health. I think they give out badges, too. As in, you’re proud that local laws have finally broken you? I mean, I do enjoy my puns… Then that should be all you care about. We’re in the woods. Go nuts. … I thought I’d SEAS THE DAY by HANGING TEN and catching some PERFECT CURVES! Ooooh, sweet release. Cease the…day? That’s right! It’s time for an all new… THE SPOTLIGHT! As always, feel free to give your suggestions on the KEMONO CAFE PATREON or in the FABLE GAZETTE on the KEMONO CAFE DISCORD SERVER. You can also catch these HOT BUNS here on the PINTEREST BOARD. Where did you get that picture of me in a bikini!? And uh… Do I even own a bikini? I have no idea. But those Ts sure look TERRIFIC! In fact, I was NUTS about it. I take it back. This aint natural. Why? And what are you going to do with that ax? The laws in town are different from the law of the land. HA! Nice one. You sound like some kind of crazy person. *loom* MIKO! I repent! Put me back behind bars! SAVE ME!