Emoticon Theater 10

Hello everyone. Welcome to the emoticon theater! We apologize for the sudden change of host. Alex is currently in jail and can’t be with us today. For his protection… Moving on. Here are the questions I’ve selected: “Hey Liz, where does the glorp come from? Do you shelter them or no? – TerrificTwenty” “Are the glorps used as a garbage disposal system? – Davoerlo” “Elizabeth, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen the fog create to mess with someone? – KidMegido” I felt it would be a good idea to group them up. That way Elizabeth can get to them all at once. I appreciate that! Hey everyone. How’re… …you? Where are they? Were you doing a warmup? Oh, no. We’re recording now. I wish you had said that to begin with. I started as a ten coming in here. And now I’m a cool three. What do you mean? Nerves. YOU get nervous? In front of crowds? Sure I do. No way! You are one of the bravest people I’ve ever met! Everyone’s got their thing. For some people it’s spiders, others it’s driving… Me? It’s crowds. School wasn’t kind. And it just kind of stuck with me. I could handle any bullies but… line up fifty of them to laugh at me and suddenly I have a problem. It’s so impersonal… All of their eyes become like predators, glinting in the dark. And when you concentrate on one of their ugly faces, it just makes it worse. I’m suddenly very glad there’s no one here. Me too. So… ah, Glorps? That’s the theme? Among other things. The mist seems to be the topic that brings it all together. It’s so frightening. And just think, Jill lives in there. So who should you really be scared of, hmm? The glorps are just the easiest thing the mist can make. It’s like normal mist building up on a window. They make droplets that want to be something and yet can’t. That’s what makes glorps ‘fun’ for monsters. They’re barely there. It’s like seeing a plant that can smile. They seemed pretty scary to me. Compared to what the forest can do when the mist is thick, it’s kinda sad. Do you want to share some of your experiences with them? Hey, sure! What’s the rating of this program, anyway? Something tells me it’s not high enough. I’ve never let glorps openly roam. They get bigger as they find each other. And then it’s a real pain to get rid of them. Which means nothing cute like making them into garbage disposals or designer pets or… Hmm… What? I was just imagining the pet idea. Technically, if you took one all the way into town, it would be the weakest it could be. No new mist to get any bigger. You probably could swing it. By why, though?! Hahaha! Yeah… It would be nothing but trouble. Might be fun sometime, I dunno. Isn’t your job keeping those things out? Hmm? Oh. You mean my work on the statues. That’s not a job. I just feel it would be nice to keep them looking their best. Considering how important they are, you’d think we’d try a lot harder to keep them safe. That goes for double now that the trains are running again. Don’t want anyone to get ideas. So… what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen the mist turn into? That one is a little more serious. Way, way back, there was this couple that came on the train. And they unloaded a crate of gold onto Jill and asked her to make the biggest mansion she’d ever built. This was back before Jill was good at it, so she’d make one or two mansions a week, knocking them down each time she wasn’t happy. That couple doesn’t live in Fable anymore. But the mansion’s still there… and the reason no one goes there is because of the mist. It loves that place. Really? Jill said it herself. She’s never going back there. The mist actually got way stronger after the couple moved in. And there’s tons of moving shapes in the dark. You can hear footsteps next to you when you walk the roads… And sometimes barely catch a voice on the wind. Okay! Okay, that’s enough! And the weirdest part? It’s always a kid’s voice too. AAAAH! Oh my gosh, Sandy. You delicate cinnamon bun! My whole town is haunted! Kona never mentioned any of this! I’m going to go give her a piece of my mind right now! Guess we found Sandy’s thing… Not into ghost stories very much. And it’s on me to close up shop. Thanks for listening, everyone. Your continued support keeps the lights on. And trust me. Around here, we need them on! OOoooOOOoooOOoo… Catch you later. How do you turn this damn thing off?