The Spotlight: Cat Girls

Hi everyone! I’m staying PAWsitive despite being behind bars. And no, I’m not KITTEN you. It is FUR-tunate that I’m the only one in here. Hopefully, I’ll be PAW-don soon for the holidays. Don’t push your luck. What’re you gonna do, arrest me? Don’t make me come in there! Speaking of which, I hope you’re FELINE pretty good with the upcoming holidays. I know it’s going to be PURR-fect time to spend with family and friends. If you’re wondering why I’m punning so much, it’s because we’re trying something new this month. Introducing…THE SPOTLIGHT! What’s the spotlight you may be asking? Well, it’s quite simple… Depending on how receptive it is, we will spotlight a species, comic, character, and much more depending upon recommendations from fans like you. The rest of the post wil then be filled with images that are saved on the KEMONO CAFE PINTEREST PAGE for your viewing pleasures. To throw your suggestion into the ring and to vote, feel free to vote on the KEMONO CAFE PATREON or in the FABLE GAZETTE on the KEMONO CAFE DISCORD SERVER. So I’m happy to introduce…THE SPOTLIGHT: CAT GIRLS!!! This is just a small taste too, folks. If you like to see even more, then follow PINTEREST BOARD now. And if anyone’s got any questions… I’ve got a question. Uh… yes, officer? How’d you get so many catgirl pictures? Oh, oh. Second question. How’d you get so many catgirl pictures into prison? !!! Look at the time. It’s time for me to… Wait…I’m still in prison!? Gonna have to confiscate that… I’m afraid. Oh come on! You think this stinks for you? Now I have to explain to the mayor why *I* have this many pictures of catgirls. You could just let me go… FUR-raid not, scared-y cat.