Sandy didn’t know what came over her until it was done. She ran at the gelatinous Mora with everything she had and leapt like a character from an action movie. She kicked out as hard as she could without hesitation and with no doubt in her mind.


The goo creature blew apart far harder than Sandy could have ever expected. Her senses were slowly returning as her foot left the other side of the creature and propelled globules of it into the distance. Wet green splatters erupted over the trunks of nearby trees from the smallest pellets while the bigger balls of goo had disappointed, dizzy faces!

And that was it. Sandy landed on her butt and felt that far more than when she kicked the goop. Her shoe didn’t survive the kick either… Small fragments of the leather sole were sprinkled on the ground around her. Sandy looked up to see the largest bit of the good splash to the ground like thrown paint and simply vanish into the mist from whence it came.

Sandy looked so vulnerable on the ground like that and yet the mist warped and changed, like it too had received a kick to its gut. The mist lifted up from that kick, warping under Sandy’s defiance until it was too thin to exist in the sun. Rays of light began to cut through… 

And that’s that. You won. What… why did it leave? The mist near town is the weakest. You’ll be in a lot more danger if you go deep into the woods. But don’t let that diminish what you pulled off. You had to dig deep to find that part of yourself. Oh my gosh, my shoe! I think the phrase is- You should see the other gal! Haha… Oh my gosh. I won! I won! I won! I won! Yeah. If you don’t fight, you’ll always lose. The mist knew that and came after you like easy prey. That’s something you’ll have to learn living in Fable. This place knows us better than we know ourselves. I feel so good. Yeah. I bet you do. And if you let me do it for you, then you’d feel worse. Someone else had to bail you out, making you look helpless.

Sandy fell into a hug with Elizabeth. She was overcome with emotion and despite feeling stronger, she was weak and shaking from the adrenaline

Thank you. Thank you so much. No worries. Here, I can help you with something else, though. Let’s get that backup food back to your café. I’ll carry it for you. And uhm… I don’t want to kick the real Mora like that. Hahaha! You don’t have to! You just need them to THINK you do.