The Power of the Spirit

The fog closed in around Sandy and Elizabeth in a tight circle. Sandy felt panic rising within her, wondering if the fog would collapse completely and somehow steal her away into whatever monstrous realm it came from. Elizabeth had no sign of fear and actually belted one of the strange green goo monsters so hard with a swipe of her hand that it splattered distantly into the mist. Sandy didn’t know what to do. She yelled for Elizabeth to save her and that somehow made it all worse.

Over here! Get this one too! Don’t look at me to save you! W-what? This fog wants you, new girl. You’re the one who is going to tell it to buzz off.

That was easier said than done. With what little resistance the two of them had given the goo monsters so far, they seemed to get the idea that they were not winning. They started to form up before attacking, pulling together into bigger and bigger slimes. Sandy tried to kick another one and it was just too big now. It felt like kicking a great big bean bag. The moment it started to gel around Sandy’s foot instead of flying away in pieces, Sandy panicked and ran back to Elizabeth’s side.

I can’t! I can’t hurt it! No. You have to be the one to beat it. No it doesn’t! I’m sick of this! Can we save the lesson for later and you do it this time? No, Sandy. It’s got to be you. Why?! Look.

Sandy felt sick to her stomach at the sight of it. The goo wasn’t just forming up into bigger and bigger spheres. It started changing shape and warping itself into a feminine form. The goo already had little faces on it. So when it came together to make a new person, the strange new woman it was building was covered them. When Sandy finally realized what they were doing, she held her mouth. The goo monsters were turning into Mora.

I hate this mist. Listen to me. Just because I won’t do it for you doesn’t mean I can’t help you. No one is an island. What do we do? The mist knows us pretty well. It’s making something you’re afraid of to try and scare you more. It thinks that shape’s scary, so it’s… Oh no. I don’t want to deal with problem customers anymore. Yeah. Now you’re going to learn a lesson I was taught as a little girl. Your spirit is something no one can take from you. Think of it like a ball of fire in the middle of your body, burning white hot! When you let someone get away with hurting you, your spirit dims and gets cold. And it gets easier and easier for people to hurt you after that. How do I get it back? That is the right damn question! I want you to make a face. … Huh? How does that make sense? Does letting it eat you make sense? Okay! Okay! Imagine you have that ball of fire in you! Tense up! Tighten your butt! And give that slimebitch a look that throws all your fire at it! Ready? It’s almost here! Ulp! 3… 2… 1…

Sandy had enough. That’s all she could think of as she tightened her legs and balled up her fists. She’d been challenged a lot, lately. But never in a way so personal. She always had a way to hide before… Her roof, her apartment, and now even Fable itself were places she could hide from stronger personalities and hope the unfairness of life would pass her by. Sandy imagined losing what happiness she’d gained in Fable so far, having to leave it all just so she can hide again and find a new corner of someone else’s world to live in. The injustice of it made her light the fire deep within. She began to understand what Elizabeth was saying. That sometimes you can’t hide and the only way around a problem… was through. She opened her eyes and looked at the goo monster with all the fire she could muster!

! !

The slime reacted instantly to Sandy opening her eyes. The goo Mora looked shocked as if seeing Sandy grow three times her size. That’s when Sandy felt powerful for the first time in her life.

This is my home and my café! No! You cannot bring in other foods or beverages! No! You cannot yell over other customers! AND MY NAME IS SANDY!