The Allie Interview

My new trusty sword…$100. My new paladin armor… What’s a paladin? $200! Having this interview hosted on the Kemono Cafe thanks to our Patreons and the admins…priceless. There’s some things money can buy… For everything else, there’s the interview. Speaking of which, it’s time to get the ball rolling with the newest one featuring a talented artist and her comic. Introducing…ALLIE, the creator of the fantasy webcomic The Chronicles of Huxcyn! Hello everyone, I am super excited to be here! And we’re excited to have you here! Let me first start off by saying thanks for agreeing to this interview. I hope everything has been going well in your neck of the woods. Pretty good, fall is right around the corner, I can not wait for the evenings to cool off. Yeah…it’s hot down here in the south. I cooked at egg on a sidewalk. And before I forget, what name would you like to go by? I ask as you use your real life on your COMIC PAGE , another on TWITTER, and a third on FurAffinity.
Haha, Allie or Jyinxx works. I have been trying to slowly move away from the user name Xizana for years now. Let’s go with Allie. I came up with it when I was 13 and wanted to see what this whole new internet thing was about. (yay for AOL dial up) 13!?!? That was quite the age. And while exploring your COMIC PAGE, I noticed that you have a YOUTUBE and TWITCH that are used exclusively for gaming. So we’re curious…what are your favorite games to play in terms of genre?
Well my number one favorite game is Dungeons and dragons, (or any other tabletop RPG like it). I mostly use Twitch and my youtube to play and to have a backlog of the sessions. A close second favorite game is Final Fantasy 14, and any Pokemon game I can get my hands on. I will say that I dig strategy games, especially Pokemon! And getting into more specifics, what are your top three favorite video games of all times?
This is a REALLY hard one, if I had to choose 3 video games I would have to say any Pokemon game, Dark Souls 3, and Final Fantasy 14 (I love a good MMO) I know what you mean. I have too many to keep track of. And with all this in mind, I’m curious to know if any of these games influenced The Chronicles of Huxcyn, which we will get to shortly? Of those three games listed I would have to say no. The comic is based more on a homebrew DND 5e game I played a few years ago where I played Huxcyn, and my husband played Ezuu. That’s neat!
OH! And here is my Final Fantasy character too! HUZZAH for cat girls! And touching in on the art subject, what were the motivating factors that led to your artistic endeavors?
Mostly the fact that knowing that my cartoons and characters might cheer someone else up. I always love knowing that a comic of mine made someone laugh or brighten their day. The fact people are theory crafting what might be going on in the background of my comics is super exciting. I know what you mean. There are so many theories out there nowadays on pretty much everything. I also notice from your pics that you have a very unique art style. How did you develop it? Who were your influences?
My biggest influence would have to be Rumiko Takahashi (creator of Ranma 1/2 , and InuYasha), Naoko Takeuchi (the creator of Sailor Moon) and Disney. I am not really sure how I developed it, just lots and LOTS of drawing. Well practice does make perfect. And while looking over your FurAffinity Page , I noticed that you have quite the few comics listed on there. What caused you to get into the webcomic industry?
Well, get the sad violins ready haha. When I was in the 8th grade literally all of my close friends all moved away all at once, so I was pretty much alone. That was about the time that manga was getting rather popular in the USA and I picked up my first graphic novel. I had always doodled, especially since Pokemon and Sailor Moon were the new and hot things on the market. But the comic book I picked up gave me a new way to express myself, so I self-inserted myself into a magical story line and drew myself as the main character with friends since I was alone at the time. Other kids noticed I was drawing a comic and all wanted to read it and it helped me make new friends. From then on comic writing was kinda my thing. That’s quite the tale! And I’m glad it worked out for you too. And with that, let’s get to the main attraction. I see that you have a dedicated site for your primary comic, The Chronicles of Huycyn. Could you tell the new readers a little about it?
Sure! Let me get my adventure announcement voice… In the mystical land of Ariearra, whispers of a long forgotten legend travel through the kingdom in a whirlwind. Stories of ancient magic, abundant treasures and horrific evils. And what honorable and courageous adventures will step up to battle? Not your average heroes, that’s for sure. Huxcyn, a once male elf turned female anthropomorphic bard, and Ezuu a paladin stripped of her royal rank in the King’s Guard, have teamed up in the hopes to collect all of the magical Diyceies gems. All before an unnamed calculative wizard has the chance to use them for evil. Without much knowledge of the importance of the gems, what plans the wizard has for them, or even how to find them, the two set out into the vast lands of Ariearra, hoping to find some answers and potentially save the world. Okay, now that is one cool hero voice. I did notice that your cast is slightly small. Can you give us a quick rundown of your primary protagonists and antagonists?
For now it’s small, we actually will get a new primary cast member before the end of the current chapter, which is exciting because she was actually created before Huxcyn was and two recurring characters in the next chapter. But any who. Huxcyn is one of the two main leads, they are a male elf who got tricked and was turned into a female anthropomorphic fuzzball Bard who cant stop from hitting on the ladies even with the sex change. And Ezuu a very rational human paladin stripped of her royal rank in the kings guard who joins up with Huxcyn to find the Diycies gems. They are a fun team, playing off of each others strengths and faults. As for the antagonists there is the mysterious Wizard, Dahvid, who turned Huxcyn into what they are in the comic. Not much is known about him yet. The secretive Oleander Flame cult, and Azuray, the misguided king’s captain of the squadron that Ezuu was part of. Nothing wrong with a small cast as it leaves room for more growth too. And of your entire cast, who is your personal favorite?
I am kinda biased to Huxcyn since I played them in my DND campaign that started the whole comic. But the newest cast member name Nommiekay is a close second, but I can’t go into why just yet. Spoilers and all. DND inspired characters you say that can change into anything? In that case, I wouldn’t mind seeing her change anytime. Nommie is 16… so I would suggest you waiting a few years xD NOTED BIG TIME!!! What goals do you have for yourself and the comic for the rest of 2021? Just keep it going, not miss an upload, and hope to continue to make peoples Monday mornings a little brighter knowing they have it to look forward to. And finally, what is the best way for people to support you and your works?
The best way would be subscribing to my PATREON, or sending me a KOFI (which I then use to actually buy coffee 95% of the time lol) or joining my discord. Or even checking out my Twitter, I have a spin of side comic starting there called Bonus Action that takes place in the same world as The Chronicles of Huxcyn… BUT in all honesty, checking out my comic would mean the most to me. I am just trying to share a story and help people enjoy their day a bit more. Thanks again for the wonderful interview! Thanks for having me! And with that folks, I’ll catch you all later… As I need some help getting out of this paladin armor. Seriously, what is a paladin? A Paladin is a holy knight following a god and their teachings, This grants them power. They are normally lawful stupid. Oh…someone actually responded to it. Until next time, stay light. Anyone…HELP!!!