Emoticon Theater 8

Aaah… Well. What a summer it has been. I have to say, loyal viewers, this has been the summer of my life. Not only are things looking up for Kemono Café… But there’s just so much fun to have in Fable. If the biggest worry I have about my day is leaving my beautiful chocolate bunny for a moment to speak to all of you lovely people… You know I’ve got it good! So let’s see what question we’ve got… Which of you girls can play a musical instrument very well? Say no more. I’ve got this one. I will take any chance for the spotlight I can. Oooh, look at that. Today’s suddenly perfect. So Kona, you’re musically inclined? Some say I have an ear for it. But they’re just being polite. I prefer the term gifted, myself. Inspired, maybe. Certainly not shy about it, I see. Does anything about me say “shy” to you? No ma’am! Darn tootin’! And what do you play? The most beautiful, rich, and soulful instrument in all the world. Likely the most iconic instrument ever to be associated with free spirits the extended universe has ever known… Mmm, an acoustic guitar comes to mind. Close. But my heart belongs to an instrument of greater sophistication. And that’s the vaunted piano accordion. Truly? I take that pause to mean you’re frozen in awe? I admit. I don’t think I’ve seen one ever played. I associate it with circuses and distant old-timey villages… Like Fable? Hey! Yes! I guess I understand now. There’s no other way one person can produce such a beautiful, complex sound with just one instrument. It’s the compliment to a romantic dinner, the sweet honey in your ears when you visit a festival… No one plays an accordion when they feel like dirt, let me tell yah. I just love how with one flurry of my fingers, I can conjure feelings of wanderlust and love. I still get misty-eyed sometimes in my favorite songs. Can you play an accordion with hands like that? Can I play? Can I play? I didn’t mean- Sit down. And soak it up.
Thank you, Kona. That was lovely! It was… But I want you to imagine something. To me, it still sounds a bit empty. Like something is missing. Well, I’m no musician. But I’d assume if a piece sounds empty, that means another instrument is needed. Righto. And that’s what’s nagging at me. It’s nothing technical about the music, mind. It’s just this gut feeling I have that something’s missing. I hope you find it someday, Kona. If that’s only half the song, I’m sure the compliment will be the stuff of legend. Compliment. Huh. Yeah, you’re right. Maybe you someday, hmm? Give me a few years and I can be passable with a harmonica. Another of the noblest instruments. Thank you to all of our patrons for their contributions. We look forward to your questions every month. And please send them in! We’re starving for more!