The Spotlight: Raccoons

Salutations! May I have a foxy coffee and a chocolate donut? Good morning, Alex. It’s good to see you again. How’s your parole going? Oh that! It’s going well, I stayed out in the woods for a couple of days. You know, reconnect with nature… Realign my chakras, center my celestial energies, not die to a giant axe. A typical Sunday, you know? I… I have so many follow up ques- Excuse me, Sandy. We have an issue that needs addressing. What is it, Maxine? We have too much food. I’m guessing either we ordered too much or we received someone else’s shipment. Oh… What a waste. Maybe we could- Don’t worry! I know exactly what to do. You do? What luck! What kind of responsible civil servant would I be if I didn’t? I know quite a few people that have TRASH diets from a COON-VENTION in Fable. What is this man on about? You’ll find out in… THE SPOTLIGHT!!! As always, feel free to give your suggestions on the KEMONO CAFE PATREON or in the FABLE GAZETTE on the KEMONO CAFE DISCORD SERVER. You can also catch these HOT BUNS here on the PINTEREST BOARD. And now it’s time for the COON-GREGATION to begin with our fellow raccoons! !!! That red haired raccoon is quite the catch. Yes, do invite them over. I don’t know if he’s single or not, but he would be arrogant to pass up a HOT DOG like you. Truly! Thank you, Alex. Please enjoy your coffee on the house today. See that the raccoons are taken care of, Sandy. I’m off to… Um… Negotiate. Oh… Oh no. They’re eating everything! Boss! Boss they’re in the kitchens! What would this town ever do without you, Alex? You wild, studly, astonishingly intelligent man. Come again, Alex! Oh I’ll be back. You can put a RINGtail on it. OH, I AM! I AM! YOU CAN’T JUST DRINK THE PANCAKE MIX!