The Roxy Interview

Hey there all you cool buns! I’m wearing my Paladin costume to protect the royals from intruders! I hope you’re ready to hop on into yet another interesting article. And by article, I mean The Interview. That’s right. I’m bringing back The Interview. And if you haven’t guessed by the clues in the first two sentences, I’ll be doing The Interview with one of our Kemono Cafe Comic Artists. Introducing…ROXY the creator of Princess Bunny. Hi! It’s nice to be here! Both at the interview and being part of Kemono! It’s so great to have you here today for the interview and on the Kemono Cafe. I’ve been reading Princess Bunny on the Kemono Cafe and on your personal site. I’m curious to know the history and inspiraction behind Princess Bunny.
Well, it all started with a random sketch of a bunny girl. I kind of wanted to mix things that I love, in this case it was bunnies, pink, princess, long hair and nature. And it’s simply amazing! Especially the little bun! And while we’re on the art subject, what got you into the artist industry and the furry community?
I loved drawing ever since I was a child so I already know that I wanted to be an artist. As for the community, I’ve been part of it for as long as my memory goes as well. OH SNAP! These are quite amazing, especially the bright hues and frilly dresses. Outside of drawing amazing stories and working on commissions, what do you do for fun?
Well, I read lots of comics and manga, I love videogames, specially MMORPG (FFXIV) and of course I spend time with my dog, Odin <3 A Once Piece fan! That’s awesome…and very long. Can’t believe it’s already up to Issue 1,000! And that’s one big dog! Going back to Princess Bunny, I found the setting quite interesting as it reminded me of Medieval times. What was your motivation behind the setting?
I’m big fan of fantasy settings. Since I was a kid I loved RPG games in fantasy/medieval settings. But it applies just the same to my favourite kind of movies, shows, books… I enjoy the adventures and fairytales, the feeling of freedom and not knowing what it’s going to happen next. That’s what I want to do with Princess Bunny. Wait a minute…I recognize some of those classic franchises! Brings me back to my childhood. I noticed you have quite the fun yet small cast of characters. Who is your favorite character?
Oh, I don’t have a favourite! Must love them all, they’re special in their own ways! Normally, I would say that you couldn’t do that, but I will give you a pass sense you have some FOXY ladies that are just PURRFECTLY fine in such an exotic pose. They’re making all the ladies RED with envy. Oh boy! Haha! And what can we do, as readers, to support your work and all your artistic endeavors. The easiest way to support an artist is by sharing their works, give love with likes/favourites, follows, comments… and of course for those who can afford financial help by asking for commissions and tips so we can create more content! Thank you so much for all your hard work for the Kemono Cafe and for the interview. Oh not at all, it’s you the team behind Kemono Cafe who must be thanked for all the work! GAH! You’re making me blush! And now folks, I’m going to play some Medieval games as I’m so into it all of a sudden!