Emoticon Theater 6

This special update was made possible by our supporters on Patreon! You all waking up after that big weekend?! I’m not… Three whole days of nothing but warm sunshine, clean fresh air… And ignoring it all playing video games inside! You make me sick. Was I telling the truth or just sounding like a millennial to draw you out, Jill? We’ll never know. Holy sh- Anywho! We have two questions for you today! “Jill, what was the hardest part of rebuilding the Cafe?” – KidMegido “Jill, since you’re a skilled carpenter, what is the most challenging thing you can build?” – Caeser Have fun with those, Jill! That boy ain’t right… So building anything in the town isn’t particularly hard. Delivering the trees takes the longest and it’s annoying to halt each one to the cart. And then there’s all the other things I do with just my axe. I only need one good tool, you see. Never get a unitasker. Find something that works for you and work it hard. So the hardest part… Hmm. There’s cutting the lumber… Planing the boards… Digging the foundation… Oh I want to hear this. I’m so curious! Then there’s running the pipes, pouring the cement, cutting up the insulation- And you do all that with an axe?! C’mon. What a silly question… Whew. That’s what I figured. You said- I do EVERYTHING with just my axe. Doesn’t matter what. Everything from buttering my morning toast to beating the stuffing out of a monster, it’s my axe! But how? Why not just get more tools? There’s nothing an axe can’t do! But there’s no way you can make a whole building with just one giant tool! Big talk considering the business on your hat is in a building I built with one giant tool… Did you make the windows panes with it? Yup. Installed the oven with it? Yup. The bathroom…? Yup. The tile, too. That’s insane. Unbelievable… T’wasn’t a magic trick, Sandy. I did it in public. You coulda stayed around and watched. I was busy! So was I. Speaking of which, looks like I got another one… Hardest thing to build? My house. By a longshot. I wasn’t that good at the time. I had to use a saw once and you can see where I screwed up. The foundation’s uneven, too. I see my whole career in that house. The crummy basement’s kind of like when I started, all busted up and full of errors. The stairs are a death trap. But then it gets better as you go up? You know it. I keep moving the bedroom over and over so I stay in the nicest place. I can see you’re having a bit of a rough time with those new visitors Sandy. Yeah… It is a bit tough. No matter how hard it is, don’t try to sweep your worst years under the rug to look better. Keep them out. If the worst of you is something you can defend as progress, then no one can hurt you. That’s sweet, Jill. I’ll try. I did start a journal just for that. Good on ya. I never could get into writing. The hands, you know. You just need an axe-sized pencil! But then you’d have a second tool, violating your own creed. Sandy. Yes? Hand me my axe. See you all next time!