The Purplelemons Interview

The following interview is brought to you by the letter K and C for Kemono and Cafe. Seriously folks, I really do appreciate the Kemono Cafe for hosting these interviews. You guys rock on so many levels. Now let’s get the show going with the next interview from yet another amazing furry artist and webcomic creator. Introducing…the letter P and L for PURPLELEMONS!!! Hello Everyone, It’s nice to be here. Glad to have you here my good fellow! And to start off, I have to ask…what is the origin of your username PurpleLemons? I ask as it sounds so cool!
When I was in high school studying art early on, we were learning color theory. I’m a sucker for Lemon foods so I thought about the opposite color for yellow which is purple and I just combined the two. It wasn’t my first identity on the internet, but it is the one that stuck. That’s quite the fascinating tale to come from a color wheel too! And from looking at your FurAffinity page, you’ve been on the art scene for at least six years now. So I’m curious as to what got you into the art field to begin with, including your endeavors into the furry scene?
Well, like many others I just kind of kept drawing since I was little. When I got out of college I took a 4 year break gaining work experience and didn’t do much art then. A few years ago, 2018 I picked art back up and kept the ride going. I always have loved anthropomorphic designs because they can convey emotions or character a particular way. I started talking to a lot of furry fans more often and I just fit with the community more. I attended my first furry convention – Anthrocon 2019 and met so many great people. It was like a perfect match for me. OH MY! A four year break in working experience really paid off too! And it was neat to meet you at Anthrocon 2019! Here’s hoping for Anthrocon 2022. And what tools of the trade do you use to perform your digital artwork?
I use a Xp Pen Artist-12, Photoshop 5.5, A simple Hand glove to reduce friction on my hand while drawing, and a lot of water, the best tool to keep you going. DANG! That’s one sweet set up too, especially with all the reference images and plushies on that there bookshelf. Speaking of your digital artwork, who were your inspirations and/or influencers that shaped your highlighting style?
Well, I think my style is just a combination of things I like visually, things I’ve learned and habits I’ve grown! My inspirations come and go, but one of the earliest people who inspired me to paint was Kristen Plescow(CentraDragon on FA). Aruurara is one of my more current inspirations, amazing compositions and lighting is what tends to get my gears going. I can see what you mean with compositions and lighting, especially with your stellar highlights. And outside of art, what do you do for fun or during your downtime? Essentially, what are your hobbies?
I love board games, there’s something very unique to have friends together on a game night and rolling dice or playing cards. I’ve built a huge collection over the years. I’d totally recommend Azul, Star Realms, and Codenames for people who have never played something beyond monopoly and risk. I also love Collecting books, my favorite being “Art of” books based on films and games. Playing games is also always a fun time, I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy 14 and am quite invested in that game. Okay, there is so much awesome here that I have some follow up questions for you here… First, you have a huge collection of board games, especially those that require strategy. How often do you play them with folks before, during, and after the recent pandemic? I played with people all the time. The pandemic didn’t really effect me playing them because there are fan made versions of many of the games on Tabletop Simulator. Second, those “Art of” books are amazing, especially that Zootopia one I secretly have. Can you show us your top three favorites and tell us about them?
My favorite ones have to be The Art of Okami, The Art of Borderlands 2, and The Art of Kung Fu Panda 2. There’s a very nice aesthetic of the traditional Japanese art in Okami’s art direction and it’s cool seeing how they approached the whole world in that style. Borderlands 2 has a very cool style and there’s so many mechanical designs in it it really shows how important the props and weapon designs are in a game. Kung fu Panda 2 shows a ton of the process of a movie, my favorite thing in it is a very cool storyboard sequences showing the story from just color and strong compositions. And finally, what is your class in Final Fantasy 14?
You can actually play them all on one character! But Bard is my favorite. I love seeing the magics and different effects people come up with for arrows. And getting back to the art scene and reading your Twitter feed, I came across your webcomic on Webtoons , Sight. Can you tell us a little about this comic?
Sight is a story about two rivals who want to achieve their dream to become the next oracle, a protective guardian for their people. In a small corner of the world there’s a fox culture that have kept isolated, but something happens to break up their peaceful lifestyle and it’s up to the main characters to fix what’s missing with both themselves and their home. I went through many ideas to make my own story and they all morphed into this one. I hope people will check it out and support it if they like what’s going on so far! Color me intrigued with all the foxes and oracle training. And from Sight, I see three of your main characters. I also see you have quite the few other original characters over on your FurAffinity page. Could you tell us a little more about each one?
Kumiho, the Brown haired fox has a huge affinity for magics. She has a positive attitude about life and sees the good in people. She was one of the first characters I ever made for the project. Satomi is the opposite, she can’t use magic at all and is looked down on despite being the daughter of the head family. She has to learn to accept herself and overcome her expectations and envy towards Kumi. Aside from characters from my comic, I have a few other that are stand alone. Solemn is a sona of myself, he was made after I lost a bet that I had to make my own. Jenny is a dog character of mine, she really likes teasing people and being a real flirt. She’s able to land various kind of jobs but can’t keep a steady one. She’s also a character I can explore more fun and risque types of artwork. Carina is half shark and half Dragon. She’s a very happy character, but not that bright and a little clumsy. I’ve got a lot of other characters, but most kind of stay in the workshop until I have a good idea or reason for finalizing them. I must say that you have quite the foxy set of characters for sure. And I’m looking forward to seeing your other ones too. And now for the classic question. Of all your female characters, which one is your favorite?
Jenny is probably one of my favorites. She’s like comfort food that I can try new things with! I’m not going to LIE DOWN, but she is quite the FETCHING canine hottie, especially during these DOG DAYS OF SUMMER! That was a RUFF one. It’s going to be imPAWsible to recover from that. Another pun master!?!?!? HUZZAH!!! And finally, what is the best way for fans to support you? The best way is through my Patreon or getting a commission when I open up. You can support my patreon over here: I am also on Twitter if you want to check out my latest works and comic updates. And follow on both! OH! One more question…what are your goals for the rest of 2021? I want to do a lot more personal artworks for the rest of the year and get a lot more pages done on my comic project. My goal for the comic is to have 25 pages total by the end of the year. I am currently on page 15. You’ll make it for sure man! Thank you so much for the superb interview my good fellow. And with that folks, it’s time for me catch up on the Letter R for reading. Take care all!