Figurine Project: “Maxine”

With the Kona figurine completed, it was Maxine’s turn to get modeled. From a printing perspective she should be easier; her body type was chubbier, with a short stubby tail, large hands and fingers… The main challenge would be the brim of her hat which if not thick enough could break easily.

I selected a simple pose, but one that would fit her roll as “Fable’s premier tradeswoman” well. Holding a large apple in one hand while adjusting her hat with the other, she looks off to the side as if spotting a new business opportunity just around the corner.

Initial modeling went pretty well, and was pretty spot on for your resident corgi. A few adjustments were made here and there (like thickening the hat), but for the most part it was just refinement and added details.

I was very happy with the final result. The modeling completed, it was time to move on to coloring. The tools I had at my disposal were fairly simple but enough to get the job done.

Main challenges here were getting the logos and special prints to appear as they should. I was constantly fighting distortions and having to make adjustments in the original texture to compensate. There were 4 or five decals total: the stripes/logo on her hat, apron and shoulders.

I printed two copies of her out, sending one to the creator of the character and keeping the other one for the Cafe’s Anthrocon debut. I don’t really have enough pictures to do her justice, but she really came out great.

For those of you that may be interested in taking this pup home, I hope to get her into the store in the near future. Just don’t blame me if you end up oweing her money! XD

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