The Spotlight: Cosplay

Ahhh yeah, that’s it… Please accept my honest thanks for showing me this spot. Tranquility Divine Spring lives up to its name! Time for some R&R. You did look like you needed to decompress. After drinking roughly 100 foxy coffees? I’m surprised I still have a nervous system. And thanks to you too, Liz! Your new spa has come out nicely. The smile on your face is its own reward. It’s incredibly well designed. The interior reminds me of some of my favorite anime spa scenes. Thank you… I think? What’s anime? You don’t know what anime is!? Would she know? They don’t even have television here. Oh that is a crime. I will not stand for this. Please do not stand for anything right now. That’s one of the conditions of me being here. Especially for you, Liz. You’re the quintessential anime character. In the interest of preserving the apex of modern culture, I need to show you some images. Wait… I don’t like where this is going. Don’t worry Miko as you will have plenty of time to CHANGE your attitude and OUTFIT. As we gently dip right into… THE SPOTLIGHT Featuring some stellar cosplays and costumes from our favorite artists! As always, feel free to give your suggestions on the KEMONO CAFE PATREON or in the FABLE GAZETTE on the KEMONO CAFE DISCORD SERVER. You can also catch these COSTUMES OF DELIGHT here on the PINTEREST BOARD. So what do you think? Pretty sweet right? Nice colors. Nothing’s subtle in this style. And you’re saying this reminds you of me? Well, good! I’m anything but subtle! Seriously, though? The “apex of modern culture?” It’s fun… but… Look at the variety, Miko! There’s so much to love. It’s… attention grabbing, I’ll give it that. Now Miko, the customer is always right. Really? Thanks. With that being said, time to move onto the massage. A free massage too?! Part of the cost of admission, actually. Gotta train somehow. Hold still while I figure this out. PRESSURE POINT NUMBER SEVEN! GAH!!! MY NECK!!! There’s an argument for subtlety right there. Not funny… See you all next time.