Emoticon Theater 14

*Deep Breath!* Take in that fresh springtime air. Hello, everyone. Today, we’re doing this question vlog style. Why a vlog, you say? It’s the perfect medium for lucky hosts who’re the divine intersection of super smart and wildly attractive. Plus, even if you unfortunately disagree with that, who needs an excuse to walk around Fable in spring, am I right?! Don’t you agree, Miko? Ya huh. The world just opens up with so many wonderful smells. The fields are taken over by flowers. Even the forest’s mist pulls back just a little. It’s a good time to be alive, that’s for sure. I’m just glad to get out of that stuffy vault I made. Not afraid I’ll turn into Hannah? Nah, if she shows up… Oh shoot! I figured I’d be safe if you were with me! But if you’re Hannah- Then she just blew her cover and she’s not that dumb? Hookay, pulse returning to normal. So yeah, somewhat safe. *giggle* Let’s go up that hill there, I wanna see the town. So, uhm… we may be a little biased here. But our question is about the seasons! “What is one thing you love to do each of the four seasons? Also with summer coming how hot does it get in Fable?” – Colord44 He also left a note here. Oh, he’s asking if you like to swim and if you like to doggy paddle… Sorry. I did when I was little, sure. But I know how to swim for real now. And I’m really glad he didn’t ask which season was my favorite. Yeah! Spring, right? Riiight? Or you can ask. That’s cool. I think I’m gonna give it to autumn. Autumn?! That’s half a winter and no one likes winter! I’m real fluffy, so it’s not as cold for me as it is for others. And with the café back, I get to do my favorite things in autumn. I get to walk along trails strewn with colorful leaves, cuddle my coffee and donuts by icy windows, and read all I want in peace. Fishing’s good, too. If I want to hang out with Kona for a while. What about swimming part of the question? Totally! It’s great here. It’s a little bit of a bummer when I’m done. Again, because fluffy. I look so dumb coming out of the water. My hair all hangs down perfectly flat over my face. Like a wet cotton swab… But it’s still fun, right? Oh, the best. It’s something we all like, too. Kona, Jill and Sandy love to swim. Heck, Maxine likes to swim and she’s the one who sneezes in the sun! So I’m never alone when I go to the beach. It gets very hot in Fable, too. Sometimes swimming is just… practical. She sneezes in the sun…? It’s real cute. But she hates it, of course. She always wears sun hats outside. And her beach ‘campsite’ is covered in umbrellas. Oh my gosh, I just remembered Maxine’s hot dogs! Man and I thought I had my heart set on autumn. But just thinking of Maxine’s hot dogs makes me wish spring was already over. Don’t say that! She had this really dumb ad for it too, like “Hot Dog’s Hot Dogs” or something. It was bad. I was going to say we were off topic. But I think that knocks out two seasons. Swimming and reading? It’s kind of weird saying I only read in autumn. But we can go with that. I guess my real answer is that I like to get all cozy. Got it. And… ugh. I guess we have to do winter. SnowMikos. Gesundheit? No! Snow- Mikos-. SnowMikos. Sandy made one the first time it snowed, outside the cafe? And everyone decorated it and made it look like me? I almost cried. I had to give it one of my hats. And since then, they started showing up everywhere! I had to make some of my own too. It’s just a snowman with a fluffy ball for a ‘tail’ so they’re real easy to make. Oh wow, yeah! How cool! Super cool. They’re made of snow! I’m touched that something so wholesome and pure can exist in the midst of such an evil season. You know. By your system, spring is half winter. Sorry. I figured it would hurt. But yeah, spring… What isn’t there to like? That’s when exploring becomes a thing for me. If you get caught in the mountains during summer or winter, that could be very bad for you without help. Probably not a good idea to be too far out in the fields when it’s snowing, either. And people suffer heat exhaustion all the time just in town! But spring’s the perfect time to take a hike and get lost. Aren’t those the same thing? You know what I mean. In spring, I usually forage with Jill. We dig up onions and tubers… Oh, and ginger for tea! Oh! Oh! And you have to have honey if you’re making that, so we go out into the woods sniffing down beehives. We have a very traditional and slow life here in Fable. I love it. It’s very much my speed. I hear from the passengers that life outside Fable is very busy. And compared to their lives, the stuff I do all day isn’t all that hard. But I wouldn’t trade Fable for anything else. Each time the seasons turn over I feel like the world is giving me something new to do. I hope I never get sick of it. I think that’s all we have time for this week. Now I want ginger and honey… We don’t have to wait. I have a whole bunch at my place! Oh, I’ve never seen your place! What’s it like? Cozy. Just how I like it. Again, a huge thank you to our fans for asking us these questions and keeping us going. You make Fable’s world go round. Which means you make the seasons turn! Much appreciated! Just turn it a little slower while it’s spring, okay?