The Spotlight: Sci Fi

I can’t believe my luck sometimes. Now I’m getting free coffee in the morning… I must be some kind of hero. And I have your company on top of it all. May I have a refill, Sandy? You’re really exploiting the refill policy, Alex… One free coffee with infinite refills really is a great deal. Once Maxine finds out, I can pretty much guarantee this is changing. Where is everyone, anyway? The café is empty. You didn’t notice? You brought in a hoard of raccoons… Now I have the opposite problem, “hero”. They ate everything. And Maxine’s busy somewhere so I can’t tell her. They even ate all the ingredients. I had to close the café. Good morning, Sandy! I’m feeling Apple Fritter today if you- … Is the entire case empty?! It’s only seven o’ clock. Look on the bright side. No empty calories! Don’t you all wish you were part of some distant future where donuts were good for you and a single pill could meet all your dietary needs? Uhh… There he goes again… Which coffee is this, Alex? Nevermind that. I can see… I can see the future. Do you need help with him, Sandy? I see a multiverse in which technology meets all of our basic needs. We’ve mastered faster-than-light travel, captured the energy of our sun, and our houses are on giant poles meant to rise above the smog. All the most closely guarded secrets of the universe are laid bare as a single beautiful equation. I don’t understand… How could you? I am the only one who can illuminate the path to a better world! Behold! THE SPOTLIGHT!!! And while this civilization is still driven by primitive economic models, feel free to provide your opinions at our KEMONO CAFE PATREON or in the FABLE GAZETTE on the KEMONO CAFE DISCORD SERVER. Do you not see the possibilities in front of us? Synthetic life forms… some of which akin to angels. What are we if not gods? How do mice with giant wrenches fit into our utopia? I’m not sure… Quick, give me another foxy coffee. I dunno, Sandy. I think you should cut him off. Maaaybe… yeah. I think I can hear him vibrating. No… Not now! Not when I’m so close! What cruel fate! To know all that is possible and then be trapped within such a- Limited… I-… What was I saying? You okay, Alex? Boobies. I’ll take him off your hands. Gotta make sure he recovers from this. Thanks, Miko. See you all next time!