The Spotlight: Bunny Girls

Hello everyBUNNY! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and HOPPY Holidays last year. Thanks for joining this HARE-raising parole meeting with mayor Snow Puff. I heard that bun loves puns. One more. Bet you can’t do one more. Hmmm… Gimme a minute. I feel it. Here it comes! Check out these EAR-resistible rabbits in… THE SPOTLIGHT! Way to go. Best of luck, buddy. But this really should be the last of the pun spam. It’s getting old. This isn’t about my fifteen minutes of fame, Miko. This is my art you’re oppressing here. I’ve gotta be me! As always, feel free to give your suggestions on the KEMONO CAFE PATREON or in the FABLE GAZETTE on the KEMONO CAFE DISCORD SERVER. You can also catch these HOT BUNS here on the PINTEREST BOARD. It is kind of admirable how he continues to handle the updates despite incarceration. We really should respect that kind of work ethic around here. Mayor snow puff!? I didn’t see you down there… May I say you look lovely this evening? You’re having a good HARE day. Drat! Your parole has been denied. DOUBLE DRAT! Can I at least be in charge of the emoticon posts again? You are, at best, highlighting Fable’s need for mental health facilities. I can be considered to let you out on good behavior if you tell us how you’re getting all of these images. Oh you wanna go down that rabbit hole, huh? We’re done here. TRIPLE DRAT! See you in ten to twenty, folks.