Emoticon Theater 11

Hello everyone. I’ve flown all the way back from Vket and boy are my arms tired! Eheh… Gosh, how does Alex do this part so easily? I’ll have to edit this part out and come back to the opener later. *Ahem!* The question for today is “Miko, now that you’re Fable’s police dog, how are you planning to catch that thief? – KieferSkunk Hey Sandy. Sounds like I got a question? Looks like it. Thanks for coming out all this way on short notice. Boy, your arms actually do look tired. It’s been tough. This thief assignment has me run ragged. Oh, does that mean you have a lead?! I hope you’re able to catch her. She stepped on my head! And stole a bunch of money, yeah… And the hardest part? The mayor doesn’t just want me poking around sniffing people all day. I’m helping out around town, trying to calm folks down. People are stuck in Fable without their money. They can get a free train ticket, but then they’d be stuck anywhere else they’re going. Not to mention Maxine and Jill are in a bind because of unpaid work building stuff. So, um… Sniffing people? Hehe… The nose knows. I got a sniff of the thief when she stepped on you. It was mostly masked by all the pretzels she had on her. But I think I could pick it up again. There was a heavy smell of pine, just like the forest… And a ton of dust in her hair. I bet she only bathes once every few days or something. You can tell that much from five seconds of sniffing someone?! Like how you started smelling like coffee beans after working in the café. I’m curious… What did I smell like before? Newsprint, weirdly. I didn’t say anything because I figured you liked books. *Giggle!* That’s so cool… I was in a bookstore just before I came over! But I was on the train and… in a lot of places afterward. Why did that one stick out? It was a strong smell that you were probably in for a while. I like to think of it like colors. Like there’s a great big one that makes up the background and then all the other little ones are tiny stripes you may catch. Like how Kona always- Always smells like- Oh! Oh! Coal! Hehehe! Well… sometimes. That’s when she comes back. Chocolate. Chocolate?! She has candy bars in almost all of her pockets. You can’t hide that from me. She’s been “cutting back” on them for years. But she collects them from everywhere she goes. Her train car smells a lot like them too. I visited recently to ask about the thief. That’s a lot of work. Wish you were still a postal worker? I am still a postal worker… Wha- Snow Puff said it herself. If I catch the thief, the position of police dog will be permanent and we’ll get someone new to deliver the mail. Which means… I’m still delivering the mail. Oh, you poor thing. I’m so sorry. It’s okay. This is my moment, Sandy. Such conviction! But don’t push yourself too hard. I don’t want to see my friend burn out. I get it. But I’m not gonna let that thief go. This is my dream. I’ve wanted to be a police dog since… Since… Well, forever! And I don’t care what I gotta do. Once the thief’s behind bars and all the money’s returned, everything will be okay. Let me know if I can do anything to help. You already do. My morning ritual in the café is my favorite part of the day. Every morning, it’s my job to get the mail bag from the train. Then I sort that into everybody’s outgoing mail I picked up the day before… Then I leave the sorted piles and go to the café, get a real breakfast, and then finish it off with my donut and coffee. That half an hour of me staring out the window is my “me time”. Just me, the sun, and the colorful smell of coffee and donuts blotting out everything else. It’s like when I reset. It’s really a new day when I’m staring out the window, full of carbs and sugar. And then I run around all day, delivering the mail and sniffing out that tanuki! Thank you for… well, what turned out to be an interview, Miko! Oh yeah… Heh. I guess I’ll end it saying how much I appreciate the café being back. Thanks for giving me the only rest I have, Sandy. You’re very welcome. And thanks to those who keep sending in all these questions. We always need more, so please give us some new ones. So Miko. One last question? Sure! Favorite smell? Currently, it’s whatever pretzels and pine smell like. Because that’s the smell dreams are made of!