The JWink Interview

Greetings all you wonderful readers out there. Alex, the feline interviewer, is here yet again with another interview. And this time, it’s NOT someone from Kemono Cafe. That’s right folks! I’m branching out with other artists that are interested in an interview. I have to say THANK YOU to the Kemono Cafe Crew for allowing me to host this interview on here as well. So let’s get started then! Introducing…JWINK!!! Hey there! It’s super to have you here my good man. So how is 2021 treating you thus far…despite how it sounds like “20 20 won?” Well 2021 could’ve had a better start, but here’s hoping it doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the year lol Same here. It’s just horrible right now. But I’m enjoying the snow and snowmen I’m building right now. I’ll throw an easy question to you. What username do you prefer? I ask as you go by multiple ones across several platforms. Ah well the one on FA (JayWnk23) was when I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to go as. Plus Jwink was taken I think in some way, shape, or form. But yeah J is fine, so is Wink, or Jay or Jwink. Feel Free to pick your poison. I most certainly will Jwink! I first came across your FurAffinity Page and noticed that you did quite a few fan arts. I’m curious, who are your biggest inspirations inside and outside the furry fandom?
Good lord there are way too many to name lol! As far as the fandom goes, the biggest ones that got me into making furry art are probably JollyJack and the Cafe’s own, Chalodillo. Just the way they draw curves and… erm…other features really appealed to me. Outside the fandom it’s the same deal but one that sticks out is one by the name of Robaato. His anatomy is GODLIKE. Plus I love how he blends realistic body types with a more anime style aesthetic. So good! OH! I know those names. They’re so awesome. And speaking of the furry fandom, I did see you draw quite a few humans too. Do you have a prefer humans or furries?
I’m pretty partial to both, honestly. Sure, my art from the past caters to furry art, but I started drawing humans WAAAAY before I got into furry art. I’d definitely love to draw more humans in the future They both look so good too! Speaking of preference, I did see quite a few gaming inspired images on your Twitter feed as well. Are you a gamer? If so, what are your preferences and top three favorite games of all time?
Outside of art, gaming is another big passion of mine. Been so since I was a kid. I play a good deal of genres (fighting games, first person shooters, adventure games, etc). While I can’t name 3 top favorite games of all time I can definitely list a few that resonate with me. Metal Gear Solid 3, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mass Effect 2 come to mind. However, again I have WAY too many to count to keep a list tied to only 3 XD. I also saw some images of food on your Twitter feed as well. What is your favorite style of cooking and favorite dish?
Ah food. Another passion XD. Seriously though, I started seriously cooking my own food ever since last June, and I’m trying to be healthier with what I eat nowadays but that’s beside the point. I’d say grilling would have to be my favorite way to cook. Favorite dish? Burger, any burger, veggie or meat. Throw some cheese and bacon on top and I will be a very happy J XD Hmmm…cheese burger… Back to the art world, I noticed that you don’t have a comic… …at least yet to my knowledge. But you have quite the large cast of characters. So we have to know, who is your favorite of all your lovely ladies?
Sometimes I feel like I have too many characters haha! To answer your question I’d say Zoey, Amara, and Summer, are 100% my top three. They’re all extremely fun to draw and have distinct characteristics. Zoey is more on the bubbly outgoing side, Amara is a more laid back and sweet natured cinnamon bun, and Summer brings the sensuality and confidence that people seem to love. OH MY! All those hot dawgs are bearing it all for summer! …………… I don’t know if you can tell by I’m face-palming super hard right now. Don’t hurt those magical hands. And I do see that you have quite the diverse cast too. Do you have a particular species that is your favorite? I’m a dog lover by nature so dogs would absolutely be my favorite species to make art of. I have like 3 or 4 dog characters as is. Big cats like, lions or cheetahs, have been a favorite of mine since I was little. Also cows just because cow Ocs are just stupid fun to draw! And finally, what is the best way for fans to support you? Oh there’s tons of ways. The best is to wait for whenever I open for commissions on Twitter. I open at least once a month so be on the lookout! If not there you can always leave a tip monthly on my Patreon or tip whenever you like on my Ko-Fi! Any amount helps! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for this interview. Thanks for having me. Wishing Kemono Cafe all the best in the future! That’s it for another interview. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go ahead and enjoy the DAWN OF SUMMER! DAMMIT Alex!! Until next time folks, stay warm!