Emoticon Theater 4

This special update was made possible by our supporters on Patreon! And today, we have two questions! They are a little similar, so we’re going to roll them into one. The first question is from Irobert. “To Mayor Snowpuff: How many permanent residents are there in the town of Fable?” “To Sandy: I recently moved to Fable last month and it was really nice to meet you after getting off the train! I was wondering if you were hiring as I’m currently looking for employment. “I’d love to stay in Fable permanently, so a job would be a huge help. Thanks!” Thank you, Stratus Wind. I figured it would be nice to have him read his own question. Lovely. I was hoping to comment on this issue. May I take over from here? Oh my gosh… It is so refreshing to take questions for the members of the cast with manners! I’ll help out. Would you like to take a break, Mr. Alex? I would! Take it away. You’d think after digging up all that gold I wouldn’t have any luck to spare! Now I can work on my portfolio. So the first question is the easiest. We hover around one hundred residents. Most of them have lived there since the founding, which was before my time. But there definitely is a problem with that number… Oh no, what is it? I feel Fable attracts only a certain type of individual, the kind who wishes to escape and live far away from their problems. The Kona’s and the Jill’s. We need more people. And we need those people to trust Fable enough to raise their families here. I certainly have been liking it here… But I’m not the kind of bunny who just brings problems. I bring solutions! Is this related to Stratus’ question? Very perceptive! Lots of new people are seeing Fable for the first time and asking to come live here. And, more importantly, work here. A good job means security. And security… Means families! Perhaps you should consider a career in politics, Sandy. You are already ahead of the curve. That would be nice. Perhaps it’s something I can do post-café… But what should we do about it? Do we really have a choice in what people do when they come here? We can’t explicitly tell them what to do, no. I think Jill would have words with me if I ever did that. But what we can do is provide incentive, which is a very handy word when you want to tell people what they should do without being rude about it. Here is my idea. We pivot. We should leverage our online communities and provide holistic client-centric solutions. Oh… Once we gain traction, we’ll bucketize these new citizens by their core competencies and feature them using our cutting edge technologies! Aheh… Yeah. Similar to our previous operations, this will be an iteration of our already proven methodologies. And through this strategy we will demonstrate Fable’s strong commitment to quality! I have no idea what you just said… She says we should ask our patrons on Discord where they want to work and then put them on the site. Why didn’t you just say that?! But I did… Anyway. Now that I’m done converting all of my gold into my portfolio, I’ll go ahead and inform our readers of the plan. What did you invest in? I heard about this brand new crypto-currency called NZ Coin from Las Lindas. I figure there’s a strong future for made up money built by video cards and ghosts. And I figure, as long as my luck’s up, I should get in on the ground floor! YOLO! Lovely… I take it this is where Jill’s gold went? I’ll pay her back when I’m rich. I swear.

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