Emoticon Theater 1

Hello Sandy! Do you have a moment? Oh, hello Alex. Is everything okay? Better than okay! Our patrons on Patreon have been very generous to us. So much so that we agreed to create additional content… Oh, I seeeee… And that’s where I come in, hmm? What kind? You’re one step ahead of me, my dear. I’m here to ask what you’d like to make. Mmmhmm. Mmmhmm. That’s really kind of them, leaving it up to us. That’s what I thought. As long as they get to see our beautiful faces, we’re doing our job. So how much do you feel you can commit t- Hold it right there! Aaaah… Maxine? Don’t agree to anything, Sandy. Not without a proper tradeswoman around to make sure we’re getting a good deal. Ah… Huh. Well, I guess you should be a part of the conversation. You and the others are included. Before we commit, we should know what we’re getting into! And how we will be compensated for our time. That’s… perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. We already have been compensated by our generous patrons and- I don’t recall seeing any of that. They are literally keeping the lights on! Fable cannot exist without them. So I think that’s payment enough. I think I know what to do! Go on. I’m listening. We’re listening. Let’s have the patrons request what they’d like to see. Maybe we can answer questions… Like the mail bag? Maybe. But I think we’d have to give them more than that. Those were really quick. And they don’t have to keep it as a bunch of tiny questions either. We can treat it like… uhm, taking an order at the cafe! We live to please. Yeah, okay… So we can make it a perk of being a patron. They get to ask who shows up and what they’d like to know more about. Mmmhmm! You’re quite the negotiator, Sandy. I should have trusted you to handle this. But just to make sure we cover all the bases, we should let them know that if they aren’t happy with the arrangement, they can use the same avenue to provide feedback. The menu can change, so to speak. We’re all new at this. I’m sure we’ll work together to make everyone happy. Couldn’t have said it better myself, ladies. I’ll be sure to let them know.