The Chalodillo Intreview

Ladies and gentlemen. Alex here yet again with another important interview. Before I start, I hope this article finds you in good health given all the events currently happening in the world. I do hope that you are all staying safe with family and friends. I would also like to take a moment and thank the wonderful Kemono Cafe staff for all their hard work behind the scenes for running such a wonderful site. And with that, let’s start the show. Introducing…CHALODILLO Hello everyone, I’m happy to be here! Thank you for taking time from your hectic schedule for this interview. I hope all went well down in Florida, especially during this summer heat. All is well over here. Thankfully I’m safe at home now, and trying my best to stay safe. It must be great to be home! Let’s start from the beginning shall we? What inspired you to become an artist in the first place? Ahh, the eternal question! Like most other artists, I started at a young age. Having a fascination for comics, cartoons and everything in between. At first it was just me (poorly) doodling my favorite characters of that era. Over the years, I started coming up with my own characters instead, and it just slowly snowballed from there. And it shows with the splendid colors and art. While exploring your TWITTER, I noticed that you have quite the arrange of anime figurine statues. So I’m curious, what is your favorite anime of all time? That’s a though one! There’s so many great ones out there, but I will always have a soft spot for the ones I saw on my youth, like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and Rurouni Kenshin. All of those (and many more) inspired some of my characters and stories, and made me what I am today. Oh my! They must make for great references too. I also noticed that you play quite a few video games across the years. What is your all-time favorite video game online and offline? Another though question! I could go with the classic choices like some from the Mario or Zelda series, which I love, BTW. But I have a soft spot for some obscure gems, like Okami and Odin Sphere, as some of my all time favs. A collector of the oddities, just like me. I’m so excited. But getting back on subject, I noticed across several of those social media platforms that you go by Chalo or Chalodillo. That’s quite the interesting name. Pray tell, what is the origin of your username? Well, as you may have guessed, it is made from the words Chalo and Armadillo. Chalo is sort of a variant of my real name, so pretty much everyone calls me that way. Armadillo because that’s the animal I chose for my anthro persona, and even though I rarely draw him anymore, the name remained to this day. That’s quite the interesting tale. And speaking of art, I noticed that you’ve transitioned into the webcomic industry. Could you tell us how that happened? Strangely, it just sort of happened without me planning it. My comic was just a fun side-thing to do besides illustrations or my studies. It was never meant to become my job but it that’s what it ended up doing as it grew more and more over the years. Nowadays it’s my main source of income. Speaking of webcomics, you had quite a few over the years as seen on both your Wikifur page for Las Lindas and your Bonus Comics. For now, let’s focus in on your current projects, Las Lindas and Knighthood. Could you provide us with a brief summary of both?
Las Lindas is the story of Mora linda, and short-tempered woman that returns to her family’s old abandoned farm, and with the help of group of misfits that join her along the way, they work together to bring it back to life, and learning to become a family in the process. Knighthood is the story of Joy Ravenhurst. A young girl on a quest to become a Knight. Set in the same world that Las Lindas takes place in; she travels the land, upholding her family’s tradition, while also discovering an ancient evil, bent on destroying everything she holds dear. And speaking of comics, I see you have quite the massive cast of characters from all your comics as seen on the Las Lindas Wikia. So I’m curious…who is your favorite male character? I have such a huge preference for my female characters that the poor guys are criminally neglected. But if I had to choose one it would be Minos, because he’s being stoic, supportive and the voice of reason among the crazy that is the rest of the cast.
And let’s not forget the ladies. Who is your favorite female character? I mean, I have so many but of course I have to choose Mora. She’s the big honcho of the comics and probably the one I have drawn the most.
Seems like the steaks are high when it comes to bovine and bulls. Yeah, gotta milk them dry! GASP! Punderful! And one final question, if fans would like to support you, what is the best way for them to do so? If they enjoy the stories and characters I made, then they have given me enough already. Buuut if they want to do a little extra, they can always support my works on Patreon. Well, it looks like I took up quite a bit of your time. Thanks again Chalodillo for stopping on by. Thanks for having me. No problem at all. Always a pleasure! And thank you folks for reading this interview. This is Alex reminding you to stop on by the shop for some goodies.