Kona’s Mail Bag 2

Who wants to open some mail?! I do! We got a lot more than last time, too. It’s very exciting. I really liked the last one. Can I help? Sure you can. Thanks for collecting all of these. You’re welcome! I’m dog tired, though… What other kind of tired would you be? Hooboy… We’ve had quite a few updates since last time. I can’t wait to see how I’ve done in the character poll.
That’s a lot of numbers. Yeah… Looks like I’m a real comfy third place compared to Sandy. People love that gal. Those people who like Jill the most will be happy. She just appeared! Did you see how she arrived? That was scary… The world’s filled with all kinds, hun. Some people look at a squirrel with a giant axe and say… Yes. But it looks like Maxine gained a ton of ground, too! That’s real nice. Good for her. If she ever passes me up, I’m going to have to eat my hat. What’s she got that I don’t got? A paying job? Exactly! I don’t see what the problem is!
Now that makes me feel all warm inside. Me too. If people want more, we must be doing something right. Thank you, everyone! Yeah. Thanks from all of us. We’ll do our best.
Thanks for using that. I’ve heard it was kinda hard to make. Since that’s where the stories are, it kinda makes sense. The stories should be coming twice a month when things are good. Emphasis on ‘should be’. But if it’s people’s favorite part, you know we’ll keep at it. So this time it looks like we were asked a bunch of questions… Yeah. I figured I’d shake things up. Ready? 3-2-1-GO Sandy: Whats you favorite food at the cafe? French toast with cream cheese and strawberries! I’ll never forget them thanks to Maxine’s kindness. Who is the hottest resident? My fur does make it pretty hot. What’s the weather usually like? Sunny! I love sunbathing. We get lots of fog too, thanks to the sea and it all getting stuck between the mountains. How are you and how can i make a coimc? Practice and hard work! Contact us on social media and show us what you can do. Who would you say is the most enthusiastic about new residents coming to live in Fable Oh lovely, I get two in a row! New residents means new business! Every time we get someone new, that’s a world of possibilities. And new houses to build! WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS! Has the train ever experienced something crazy like a robbery? Once… Heh. Heh. Heh. Once. Kona, have you ever imagined Fable becoming a major railfanning spot someday? After all, there are a lot of railfans who would love to see the Escapade in person. (For some explanation, railfanners are avid train lovers. I’d love that. But since the train doesn’t have a schedule, you’d might wait for a while. The whole ticket thing drives people nuts. Tell me about it! Where’d that train come from?! Wish I knew. It’s older than me! I think… Was it built in Fable? I… think so? I mean, it- Huh. Has the cafe tried out different uniforms in the past? Has it? I do like this one. Trust me. If you saw the last ones you’d probably have burned the cafe down yourself. Were they pink? I feel like I’ve been stuck in my 7th Ave outfit for months. Any regrets leaving your home behind? A bunch, yes. But I’m only just now sorting it out. Once I get a ticket, I’ll get some answers and move properly… what is the most popular food item on you menu? We’re just about to open. I’ll keep a close eye, though. It’s gonna be donuts. How do you know? Got a good feeling. Has anyone explored the mine? That’s a difficult answer for the moment. We still need some new miners. What happened to the old miners? There’s many services Fable still needs. Hopefully we’ll get some skilled labor on the train. Kona, show us your hot buns! Okay. Only this once. Bam. Oh, you only can see me from the neck up? Too bad. What’s there to do at night? Sit out and watch the stars… Perform inventory and arrange the shelves for tomorrow… Ugh. “Ugh” yourself, hippie! Has Jill ever gone au naturel in the woods? Who says I’m not doing that right now? How many people live there? We’re a community of about a hundred right now. There seems to be great food in Fable but whats the alcohol situation like? Can I serve alcohol? That depends on local law enforcement. But I don’t drink. And that’s why I make it myself. Kona, how many coach’s does your magic train normally pull? Just two. I probably could fit the whole town in just that. Since it’s getting close to summertime, I’ve to ask: how are the residents going to enjoy their summer this year? With summer coming up, do you guys think you’ll be visiting the beach soon? Darn right I am! I love fishing in summer. I thought you liked sunbathing. I can hold a stick and drink beer too. It’s called multitasking. Kona, what are some of the weirdest things you’ve heard Fable residents say without context? Memes. Seriously, those things are dated in your worlds. They’re pretty darn stale once I get them. What are the cast’s favorite games(Video-games or board-games)? Ticket To Ride! Monopoly! What is wrong with you?! How do the fable stories work? Is it like you open a book and jump into it’s world? I Imagine It could be like the paintings in super mario 64 (If you hear of this mario guy that is) Sure, if that helps you picture it! Or helps you jump into a picture of it! Kona, what knowledge do you have about the Mysterious Manor? That it’s a mystery. Which is why I gotta answer or you’ll be totally ripped off. And we can’t do that. That’s Maxine’s job. Say that again! I… uh, vaguely remember the folks who used to live there. I used to check on them about… once a season? Now I give them space. The place has gotten so spoopy that not even the trees there grow back… So now I make sure it has a heck of a lot more ‘space’. Kona, can you try on Sandy’s maid outfit? Sorry, pal. We’ve established this uniform’s tight enough. Kona, can you tell us what you’re thoughts of the people form Las Lindas? Since the mayor came form the same world as they are, i’m sure you know some of the workers there. You wouldn’t believe how nice they are. Taffy always saves a pecan pie for Jill. I will defend that rabbit with my life. Whew… Wow. That was a thing. Looks like you’re rabbit tired now. Heh… Yeah, I guess I am. In the future, we’ll probably start picking and choosing. But thanks to everyone for writing in. It means a lot to us. Goodbye now. Seriously… Monopoly? Let it go. What’s your favorite board game? Sorry! … We’re out of time. Make a pun or draw 25. Huh? You see what I mean? These memes are as stale as week-old bread! See you next time!