The Avencri Interview

Good morning, afternoon and evening to all our wonderful visitors of Kemono Cafe to another wonderfully stellar interview with one of the many artists on the Kemono Cafe with your favorite host, Alex. Before we begin, I would love to take a second and give a special shout out to the Kemono Cafe staff for all of their hard work and chronicling Sandy’s journey to a new and happy way of life. You all can, of course, read those stories on your own time. For now, let’s head on over to our special guest with a unique colorful cast of characters. Introducing…AVENCRI!!! Hello there, everyone! Thank you for taking the time for this interview. I hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods. Thanks. Everything has been ok on my end. Been trying to keep myself busy, and I have been sort of productive this year so far which is really good. That’s great to hear. Here’s hoping to a better half of the year. Let’s start somewhere simple. How did you get into the webcomic industry?
I started just as a hobbyist. The Eye of Ramalach was just an idea that I had in the back of my head for a while since I love making stories and characters. Back then, I met ID, and he invited me to The Katbox to post a comic if I had any along with Las Lindas. So I started working on my webcomic on my off time while I was studying in college, just as a fun side project, which is what it was until several years later where it sort of became my main income. That’s fascinating to hear, especially with the networking capabilities. Now that I’m looking though, you seem to have two comics: The Eye of Ramalach and Tina of the South. Could you tell us a little more about each one? The Eye of Ramalach is mostly an urban horror story about a regular man that gets a demon stuck on his forehead and then has to adapt to having an ancient evil stuck to him. Tina of the South was meant to be more of a fun sexy story set in the old west meant more for cheesecake.
Modern day horror stories and old western goodness! I like the sound of both of those. You do have quite the collection of pages with a wide range of characters as seen on YOUR WIKI and your FurAffinity Gallery at YOUR FA. So I, along with several of our the readers here, are curious to know…what’s your favorite species to draw? Well, my target of interest changes every now and then. I was actually known to draw a lot of reptile characters before I started the webcomic. But it seems that ever since The Eye began getting a name of its own I have been drawing raccoons a lot more and more to the point where people get to me on Twitter and Discord just to link me photos and videos of raccoons, which is both hilarious and kind of sad. I have joked that I became “the crazy raccoon man” over time.
I must say that you do indeed have quite the diverse range of characters, especially the lovely ladies. And on the matter of favorites, we have to know, who is your favorite male and female character to draw? For males, I have recently grown really fond of Jeffrey the wolverine. He is just sort of a big guy that is surprisingly good spirited.
YEAH! I’ve been seeing him around lately, too. I can see a bond forming between him and Ron. For females… this is hard because I go on sprees with different characters like Cela, Mayte, Jane, Marianne, and others. But if I had to choose, i think i would have to go with Jane, The Green Queen for sentimental reasons.
OH MY! The Green Queen herself. I guess one can say that all the other women are green with envy. That just hurts to hear… It really does, too. That’s how you know it’s quality. Well, that’s all the time we have here folks. Thanks again Avencri for coming onto the show. Thanks a lot for sharing some of your time with me and my ideas! Thank you for taking the time for my questions. This is Alex signing off. See you next interview folks.