Good Morning, Miko

Sandy had been woken up by the chatty birds just outside her window. Miko must have been used to sleeping through them because she didn’t stir as Sandy prepared for an early morning on what was supposed to be her day off. Back in Low Point, Sandy would be awakened by traffic outside most of all. Too many cars on too small streets, filled with people who blamed each other for the problem and honked loudly at anyone who showed weakness. Sandy was so happy there were no cars in Fable that she quickly forgave the birds.

It was still going to be a good day, besides. Sandy had invited Miko over for a sleepover to start the long weekend and she accepted excitedly. Neither of them had the privilege of friends over since they were young. This was quickly going to become a tradition, Sandy thought, because the night seemed too short to contain their fun. Sandy didn’t want to wake Miko early, so she instead went to her desk to catch up on her new passions, writing and art.

It was because Sandy was so engrossed in a sketch that she didn’t notice Miko waking up until she was right behind her.

Woooow. You really can draw! Aaaauuggh! No, I mean, it’s not finished! Why didn’t you say something? I mean, I saw the pencils but I didn’t know you were an artist! I didn’t say I was an artist because I’m not an artist! This is just a hobby. Something I picked up for when I’m stuck at home. I was going to tell people when I got better. That’s a whole lot better than I can do. Move your hand… I wanna see it.

Sandy took a nervous deep breath and pulled back her hand. Since she had dove onto her sketch to shield it, there was a bit of crumpling in one corner along with a deep pencil smudge. The picture was of Sandy in bed, one eye opened angrily at birds up in the trees. Sandy couldn’t make the birds only chirping like they actually were. That wouldn’t be enough. So she gave them all instruments and the lead one was screaming into a microphone. Sandy had to really pile on these birds, so she drew a bunch of broken music notes around them.

Oh my gosh! That’s so cute! Art imitates reality this time! They’re so looooud! Ugh. And on our day off, too. Did you decide where you want to go? I was thinking I could show you my place. I’ve seen the café tons of times. And if we want to get something to eat, you have to cook it. Let me take you back to the doghouse for tea. And we can go on a walk in the woods to get the honey! Sounds like fun! I didn’t know you liked tea. Looks like we’re sharing everything today! I have tea with Maxine all the time. But yeah. I have tea in the evening. Only one cup of foxy coffee in the morning or I get so jittery I look like TV static. Fable has television? Oh, uh… No, it doesn’t. So! How much for a picture? You’ve got to be kidding me. Nope! I like art and you’re an artist! Do you take commissions? Miko! There aren’t any artists in Fable, Sandy! I know! I’ve met everyone! It’s such a small town that something like this is special! That idea is just alien to me. I mean, I always did want to make comics… Comics! Oh, those are the best! I can’t wait to see you make them! If I make them, Miko! If! … but, I mean. I do want to. Back in Low Point, I had absolutely no time to myself. So all I had were the moments I could steal from my job to read. And I’m not exaggerating. I had the train to and from work and the occasional ‘break’ where I’d… You know. Hide on the roof, wishing I was anywhere else. Aw, I’m sorry. That sounds horrible. I’m not super happy with my job either. But at least I get to run around outside and meet people. There’s a lot of pros to it, even though it’s not what I really want. I can’t imagine feeling so trapped that I couldn’t do anything I wanted… ever. And switching to art of all things would have meant being even poorer at first. I just couldn’t do it. But now you can! You have the talent to be an artist! I think everyone can be an artist, at least until the rent is due. … Why are you looking at me that way? Because you haven’t answered my question! How much for a picture?! Fine! Fine, uhh… Two copper coins. That’s the cost of coffee and a donut, Sandy! You can’t live on that! It’s a friend discount! Fine, uh… ten gold! Whoa, let’s not be hasty! That’s five hundred coffees and donuts! I think you still need to get a grip on the value of a copper, Sandy. Hahaha! Okay… What do you want drawn? Believe it or not, I’ve got tons of characters in mind. You’re not the only one who daydreams on the job! I’ll get dressed and then we can talk about it on the way over to my place! Okay! This’ll be fun! Feeling better about showing me your work? I think so, thanks Miko!