One Woman Army

Hannah stomped the ground in front of her and the doorway suddenly filled with a billowing cloud of white mist. At first, Sandy thought it was a distraction so that the tanuki could escape the closing crowd. But from within the smoke came a sound that Sandy knew well, the familiar bubbling of a running spring followed by the aggressive ‘Bamf!’ of Hannah assuming a new form. Her silhouette inside the mist grew to twice Hannah’s height and more than one of the crowd took a step back from the emerging shadow. Leona didn’t.

Sandy gasped as “Liz” took one step out of the mist, a menacing grin across her face. Sandy could see this Liz’s face was different, too. It had small patches of darker fur near the eyes that Hannah couldn’t hide in her rush to transform. And even apart from that, the fox’s eyes didn’t have Liz’s insurmountable confidence.


Uugghn! I knew taking the time to learn this form would be useful… But I did not expect the rush! Taking the direct approach is exquisitely simple!

Leona fell back after just one hit from the immense doppelganger. Sandy had never been frightened by Liz’s size before. But Hannah’s condescending look suddenly highlighted how dangerous the owner of Pageturner Ranch could be. Leona’s squad of waiters and chefs threw themselves onto the immense fox to pin her. Any fight Sandy saw back home would have been over in that moment, but Hannah stood back up with two of them hanging off her muscled arms. One harsh twist and one chef was thrown over the bar to crash into the bottles along the back wall. The other tried to resist but was swung up effortlessly into both hands and lobbed clear over Kona’s head, where he snapped a table in two upon landing.

I definitely could get used to this! Not that I believe this brute’s body is superior, mind. But it definitely does the job w- Ooof!

Kona bounded forward and slid into a gazelle punch that caught Hannah mid-gloat. As Hannah genuflected back and fixated on her new opponent, Kona rubbed one thumb off her own cheek before bouncing back from Hannah’s clumsy retaliations.

This would be much easier if you’d step aside. What’s the matter? Can’t finish what you started? No one takes my train and gets away with it! So the watch is the key I’ve been searching for… Tch…

Sandy made a mental note never to make Kona angry. The sounds of Kona’s immense fists clocking Hannah’s face side to side with practiced boxing hooks would be something Sandy would never forget. The bunny bounded back as Hannah lunged into her space, spun her fists over one another to confuse Hannah as to when the next hit would come and then was back in the fight with a jab. When Hannah was forced to look up after a quick strike, Kona slid in under her jaw and bounced up with a stunning uppercut! Liz’s back hit the bar so hard that bottles fell from the shelves.

Rrrr… This was not in the plan! Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Now gimme my watch back! I’m afraid not. I’m not as limited as the rest of you. When one form does not suit… Another will do!

Sandy gasped and had to run as “Liz” threw her legs up and a cloud of mist flooded the bar. When Hannah landed, the mist cleared around mayor Snow Puff! Sandy ran for cover and yelled for Kona!

Careful Kona! She’s dangerous! So am I… Don’t push me, copycat. Ohohohohoho! So creative! So what if you are better at dueling? It is a base art, anyway. Let’s see if you can keep up with me now!

Hannah ran down the bar and leapt to one of the tables. Chefs and waiters threw themselves at the smaller bunny, but she easily used them as platforms to leap to the next and toppled everything as she went. One of the chefs caught a stein of beer in the face after the bunny Hannah kicked it like a soccer ball. Miko dove for her at the other side of the restaurant when she got too close to one of the windows.

Ah, my nemesis. Don’t you wish I was simply running away this time? It would be significantly easier on you. I’m not going to let you steal Fable’s train! This is getting old. Unlock the doors and I promise you shall never see me again. That’s not going to happen!

Hannah leapt from a table so hard that it toppled! Miko barely ducked in time as Hannah sailed over her. The kick was so close… But all the fake mayor could send flying was Miko’s little hat. Poor Miko wasn’t able to fight like Kona could. Hannah recovered so much more quickly and bound toward Miko and spun into a backflip, kicking upwards into Miko’s jaw. The extremely fast little bunny jumped to Miko’s side and bounced off of her just as Kona was coming up to hit her with a chair!

Miko! Look out! Whoa whoa whoa! Not me! Hoooono!


Hannah kicked the side of Miko so hard that it made her friends stumble into one another. They fell into a table together and food was thrown into the air! Hannah jumped to one of the chandeliers and threw her feet back hard enough to swing all the way over to the other side of the large mess table in the middle of the room… right in front of Sandy. Without thinking, Sandy stood in front of her.

That’s when Sandy realized what happened. Her mind caught up to the situation and where she was. Collective moans were rising up around the room as people were pulling themselves up from where they had been thrown. Sandy realized she had her fists up in front of her and didn’t know how they’d gotten there. Sandy’s entire body seized up in fright.

Call it intuition, but I know you can’t stop me. N… N… Any form I have at my command can deal with you easily. But it isn’t in my nature to punch down. Get out of my way. N-no… … Is this real? What is an underdressed waitress going to do that the others could not? Fable depends on that train. I’m going to s-stop you. Very well. Don’t say I did not warn you. !