Emoticon Theater 7

What a wonderful summer… It’s my favorite season, you know. All the life of spring but warm enough to swim every day. I can get behind that. Summer’s my favorite too. Nothing beats a good dip in the water after a long hard afternoon of doing nothing. So, fishing? Exactly! It’s good to see you, Kona. Thanks for coming. Would you mind answering these two questions for our readers? Hit me. Kona, does the Escapade let people who come to Fable go back to their old homes to get things they want to bring with them and say bye to family and friends? – KieferSkunk Hey Kona, have you ever had any problems with the train when it came to picking some people up to take to Fable, like any mechanical problems? – Caeser Hoooboy! I love getting questions. Gives you that nice warm feeling inside. Like people care, you know? Not here, no. Nobody asks me questions. I’m not a dimension hopping bunny with a magic train. And come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in such a good mood. This really hot passenger of mine gave me her number the other day. I have to go back to her universe to actually reach it, but I like the gesture. And I also have to figure out if ‘shortstack’ is a compliment or not. It… kind of sounds like it is? Haha… You’re more of a dumptruck, really. … Okay? Annnd I’ll leave you to it! That’s the trouble with you all seeing Sandy first. People ride the train back and forth whenever they want. The tickets come and go right into your life when you really want them. It means my job’s pretty easy, most of the time. Your heart has to be set on what Fable can give you if you’re on my train. No problem customers. But what makes Sandy special is that she really doesn’t wanna leave… It can be hard when your heart and your head don’t agree. But if Sandy ever wants to go, she can go. So can people get their things and see their folks? Of course! We’ll have lots of guests come and go. You’ll see. My nose is itching. Are you talking about me? Hey Sandy. Do you mind helping me with this question? I’d love to. Anything to get a break from the tourists… So Sandy. Since I was pretty blunt about people going back for their stuff. Why don’t you go back… I mean, just to get something. Maybe that can trick a ticket into your hands. I tried. But I really can’t. I have so much student debt back home that nothing’s really mine. I don’t have a car or much of anything I’d really miss. My apartment is bland. My books are all rented. I kind of miss my clothes but I wouldn’t risk going back just for that. No personal possessions? Like nothing from your parents? No… My relationship with them is complicated. Say no more. So let’s see… Oh, yeah. Does the train break down? You can bet your butt it does. The train may be a magic train. But it’s still a train. It needs tracks here and there and has all the things you’d expect. The reason it has that iconic shape is a massive boiler that goes down the length of it. I want to offer my help. But I don’t think I could contribute much. Haha. And you think I’m any better? All of my “repairs” are just cleaning the mud off and sticking chewing gum and candy wrappers in the leaks. ! We really need a machinist in Fable. Someone with actual welding gear and a lathe and… Sandy? You look white in the face. You FLEW me all the way here on something held together with chewing gum?! Heh. Guess so. I’m pretty proud of it. Kona! I think if people knew that, there wouldn’t be a ticket seen in any universe! I know it’s not perfect. But a lot of life isn’t perfect. Let’s just hope a ticket lands in the hands of someone who knows how to fix a hundred ton magical boiler. And I’m back! Thanks for covering that one, you two. Now we can get back to the good parts of summer. Speaking of which. You two into skinny dipping? I…ah- W-well! I’ll take that as a no. Keep it in mind, okay? You haven’t lived until you swing off a rope into a lake on a hot day. There’s another side to you I didn’t know, Kona. But I’ll stick to swimsuits. Come swimming with me and you’ll see every side I’ve got! So… You’re quiet. I’m in. Hey alright! Last one in is a smelly corgi! See you all next time!