SMMG: Twitter

Salutations once again to all the wonderful readers out there. This is the Social Guy coming at you in text in yet another News Article here at Kemono Cafe. Today’s topic is going to be rather unique as I’ll be diving into Twitter. For those who aren’t tech savvy or have never been online, which does beg the question as to how you found this article, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging site where users can post 280 character or 140 second audio and video messages, or tweets as it is known on the site. With all that being said, the focus will be on two apps that can easily enhance Twitter through the power of automation, making life easier for all you fantastic folks.

Twitter App No. 1: Buffer

Before you, the awesome reader, continue on in this particular section, I should note that this app is ONLY available on Google Chrome. Not Internet Explorer and not Fire Fox. GOOGLE CHROME ONLY! Buffer is a social media scheduling app for several platforms; however, for purposes here, we’ll focus on Twitter. While there are paid plans, I tend to favor the free plan as it allows you to schedule 10 free posts at a time.
Once you get all logged in and your Twitter account set up for it, you are free to go ahead and create as many tweets as you want and schedule them for later…Or you can follow my advice. Don’t do that. Instead, Buffer allows you to schedule retweets from other peoples’ Twitter account with this simple trick. Go to anyone’s Twitter Account in Google Chrome. For my purposes, I’ll be heading on over to Kemono Cafe’s official Twitter at Now, if you look at the tweets on that profile, you should see the Buffer App icon, which looks like a stack of three papers, between the comments and retweet button. Click it and it should open up a new tab where you simply add it to the que.
OH! And one more thing to tell you folks. You’ll need to adjust the Posting Schedule to around 12:00 PM CST (lunch time) and 8:00 PM CST (night time) for maximum viewing. To do that, simply go to and then click on Settings followed by Posting Schedule.

Twitter App No. 2: Hootsuite

The next Twitter life to make posting so much easier is Hootsuite []. Think of Hootsuite like TweetDeck but more visually pleasing and easier to actually create a Tweet in addition to adding additional apps to better analyze your Twitter account.
The first thing you need to do though is to create an account and grant Hootsuite access to two of your social media accounts. Twitter is obviously one of them. As for the other one, you can pick which one. Personally, I would recommend Pinterest as it is easier to set up. Once you sign in, all you need to do is hit the Paper/Pencil Icon on the left hand side that will take you to a New Post template where you can select the social media platform, write the message, post an image that you create or from the free online gallery they have, schedule a time, and submit. It’s that easy.
Well, that’s all the time we have. Until next time, stay social.