Snow Puff

Maxine was shocked so badly by Sandy’s scream that she screamed too! A few of the customers turned to look and thankfully came to Sandy’s defense as Maxine put her hands on her hips. Everyone could sense it coming.

Sandy! What in the world! Aaah… heh… Sorry, boss. Go easy on her, Maxine! She’s been running around like a lunatic all morning. Best service I’ve seen in the café. Just couldn’t let anyone be ignored for 5 minutes. Wow… Thanks. Still… Less screaming at customers next time, alright? Now grab those donuts and come with me. The train’s back! It left?! Kona was in late to pick up some snacks before her trip. And if she’s picking up who I think she is, we’ll want to make a good impression! Now hurry!

Maxine really was in a hurry. Sandy only had just enough time to lock the register and turn the sign around before she was running after Maxine down to the train station. The Escapade was right where Sandy had left it before, only now it was fuming with steam and small wisps of white smoke were leaving its tall stack. Sandy could see small crackles of fading red light around the wheels and once the light faded, steam wisped off of them like they were hot plates taken out of the sink. Maxine didn’t act like a shred of it was strange and instead dusted down the front of her apron and adjusted her hat just right. Then, without a word, she adjusted Sandy next like a mannequin until she looked like she was in a commercial.

Posture, Sandy! Big smile! Why are we smiling…?!

The door hissed open as if the train had returned from outer space. And a rabbit rolled out of the door in a flash! Sandy felt herself straighten up even further as she beheld the diminutive bunny. With a single confident step, she exuded more poise and grace than Sandy ever knew. Her hair was the exact shade of grape bubblegum and it was curled up in three big bundles that made it look just like that too. She had white fur with ocean blue eyes and was dressed in a posh gray vest that covered her buttoned up shirt, complete with puffed out shoulders.

There’s no place like home! Welcome back, Mayor Puff! P-puff…? Your name is really Puff? …! My full name is Snow Puff, you see. Snow Puff! Oh my gosh, that’s so cute! W-would you like a bear claw, m-mayor p-pu- P-ahaHAHA! I would… How considerate of you, Maxine. I am so sorry, Ms Mayor! It’s alright. But I really don’t have time to chat here. I have a feeling you must be a new resident. Please enjoy your stay in our town. And once you get used to my name, please feel free to see me in city hall. That looked like it went well. And of course you saw that too…