A Café For Everyone

Once again, Maxine had gone all out for dinner that evening. Sandy definitely felt spoiled by her new boss as she and Miko got to tuck into some of the best lasagna Sandy had ever eaten. Maxine’s “famous apple salad” would have been a meal on its own and instead was just one of a dozen compliments around a cheesy treat. Sandy was humbled by it all. Miko was less humbled and much more enthusiastic. If Miko wasn’t there, there would have been no way Sandy and Maxine couldn’t finish it all.

Mmmmph… is there any more garlic bread? There better be. I made an entire loaf! This is incredible, Maxine! I’m so lucky! It’s a special day. I wanted to make sure you felt welcome. I do, thank you! Pass the mushrooms, will ya? I… uh, I’m glad you had some for Miko too. I apologize for bringing home more guests for dinner. But slow down, Miko…! You’re going to eat Maxine out of house and home. … huh? Oh? No, sweetie. I know Miko. I likely owe her much more than a dinner or two thanks to all of my packages she delivers. Whether snow or rain or dark of night, Maxine’s packages will make it overnight! Or she’ll give you that look again and give you such a fright… Ahaha…! What a kidder. Here, have some more, sweetheart. Yay! I can’t remember the last time I had a meal this big. Probably the holidays when I was a kid… I can’t promise it every day. But it is a special occasion. And on top of it, I had a gift made for you. Really? Meet your new uniform!

Maxine gave Sandy a small parcel, wrapped in yellow ribbon loosely enough that Sandy could slide it off. Sandy was speechless as she slid the lid off and beheld the most unique outfit she’d ever owned. As Sandy held it up, she felt an immediate rush of relief it wasn’t pink.

Oh my! It’s really different from what I was imagining. Please, try it on! I’m dying to see it.

Sandy regretted eating pasta before trying on a new outfit. It felt a little snug as she slipped on the different pieces. Sandy made such a face into the mirror when she suddenly ran out of outfit to put on. It definitely was more revealing than what her last job would have allowed. At first, Sandy thought it looked like a maid costume crossed with a swimsuit and it took a lot of effort to call herself dressed after putting it on. Sandy called out for Maxine as she attached the collar of the outfit around her neck and started smoothing her hands over the rest of it to ensure everything was to Maxine’s liking.

Are you sure this is all of it…? Hmmm? What do you me- Ooooooh! It’s perfect! Lemme see! It sure, uhm… breathes. It’s fashion. It’s art! Absolutely better than the drab banana yellow rags they had before. This has personality! You totally expected whoever was wearing this to have fur, huh? Never you mind, Miko. It’s lovely. If I had to wear that, I think rain, snow and dark of night would have my number. Honestly, dear… Let me enjoy this. It’s too late to commission a new one. So Sandy… Do you like it? It’s lovely. I’m glad. Here’s the hat, dear. Kemono Café? Is that the new name? I wanted to go for something exotic and yet familiar. That’s an artsy thing to say alright. As you’ve noticed, we come in all kinds of shapes and sizes here in Fable. But that word unites us all. We’re all Kemono. It’s my way of saying… This café’s for everyone! I love it. Even if you don’t know what it means, it sounds nice. I’m glad you like it. Because you start tomorrow. Ah…! Already?! What did I say about efficiency being the name of the game! I’ll make sure your kitchen is stocked by the time you wake up. Welcome to Fable, Sandy! Now get to work! Hehehe… No kidding! Thank you, Maxine! I’ll do my best! You see, Miko? That’s what gratitude looks like. Gratitude looks cold. Miko…