Sandy slowly turned to look at the dog standing behind her. Her fur was a brilliant white, exactly the color of clouds on a sunny day. As Sandy stood with letters in hand, bright sky blue eyes stared fiercely back at her under. Thanks to the dog’s uniform and her crossed arms, Sandy couldn’t help but feel she’d done something wrong.

What’re you doing with other people’s mail? You can’t do that! That’s illegal! No no no! You’ve got it all wrong! That’s what they all say. I can’t believe it! I actually caught someone in the act! Now the mayor will have to listen to me. When she gets back, I’ll – Please, no… I was just picking up the spilled letters. See? The bag is ripped. Huh? Oh, dang it. Yeah, it does that. Don’t be so disappointed. That means I’m innocent! I guess so… And thank you for picking them up.

The dog moved carefully and delicately as she took back the letters. She was dressed in a bright blue uniform with golden insignias on each shoulder. She also wore a small decorative blue hat as well that was riding high on her long fluffy hair. Sandy could tell in a moment that dealing with that much fur must have been a real chore. Even the top button of the dog’s uniform was undone to allow an entire storm of it to lift up and out of her shirt collar. It was then that Sandy saw the name “Miko” upon her tiny name tag.

After the two cleaned the letters together, Miko turned to give Sandy the crispest, most eager salute she had ever seen.

Your service is appreciated, citizen! No problem, officer Miko.

Miko appeared shocked for a moment, perking up with wide eyes and heightened ears. She looked side to side in confusion before Sandy mercifully pointed to her name tag.

Oh. Hehe… The name tag still gets me sometimes. But I guess I should clear something up… I’m technically not a police officer. You definitely sound like one. Because I wanna be one so bad! What’s stopping you? The mayor says we don’t need one. And, I admit, everyone does take good care of one another here. But you never know! So… Oh! You’re a mail dog. Fable’s one and only postal worker! Yep, that’s me! But don’t get me wrong. It’s a good and helpful job. But it’s not my passion. I really want to be a police officer… Once I make a few real arrests, I’ll be a real police dog. I get it. But I can’t help but feel you have that backwards.

That’s when Sandy felt a small shock of realization hit her. Miko’s salute captured Sandy’s attention. Sandy took Miko’s hands into her own and ran her thumbs over delicate, normal-sized palms. Miko looked confused for a moment. But it seemed to dawn on her as well.

Hehe… surprised? You don’t have giant hands like everyone else. That’s what I thought. It’s because I’m not from Fable. Oh my gosh! You also came on the train? That’s right! I could tell you weren’t from here thanks to your fur. Or um… Lack of it? No offense. I have so many questions! I just got here and… I really need to go to work, though. For some reason we have a ton of letters today. But you’ll likely see me around! I’m all over the place. I’m staying with Maxine for now. Maybe you could come over? Oh! Good idea. How about I meet you there at sundown? Wonderful. It’s good to meet you, Miko.