The Mastergodai Interview

Greetings and salutations to all of our visitors out there. I am Alex and am very happy to be performing these interviews on behalf of Kemono Cafe. Before we begin, I would like to take a moment and thank out artists for participating in these interviews. So without any further ado, let’s get started with the digital drawing skills of none other than the master himself. Introducing… MASTERGODAI! Thank you. Glad to be here. And thank you for coming! So let’s go ahead and get the hare-raising questions started. HAHA! Yeah because I like to draw rabbits. Very clever. Thanks! Let’s start simple. First, who are you?
Just a 40 year old guy who grew up in the 80’s (Best time to be alive I must say) who loves comics, anime, and hentai. And you’ve worked on several comics you say, one of which is hosted on the Kemono Cafe? Could you tell us about them?
Well I’ll try… Rascals is a zany romantic, slice of life, sexy comedy surrounding a group of friends dealing with their own jobs and relationships, and it also has big breasted ninjas. Well, most of them are big breasted lol. Knuckle Up is about a group of space bounty hunters on a quest to find pieces of a jewel to cure their gender bent captain. Project Zero 6 is about the adventures of a team of special OP police girls. Goyoku tells the tale of the younger days of MILF extreme Kyoko Usagi. I also see you have a vast array of characters as outlined in your new Wikia at Wikia . So I’m curious, who is your favorite male character to draw? That will have to go to Quick. He’s the one I draw the most.
And who is your favorite female character to draw? But before you answer, do you have life insurance? I ask as there appears to be multiple silhouettes of what appear to be women with glowing red eyes and fire behind them. Is that what you’d call… “Smoking hot?” Even I knew that was a bad pun. HAHA! Well that honor goes to Reiko.
Thank you very much for this interview, Mastergodai. No problem. Thanks for having me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to take shelter behind my chair and avoid the bloodshed.