Kona’s Mail Bag

All aboard! Welcome to Kona’s mail bag! To those of you who wrote us in, thanks a million! We put out a survey of your favorite characters and- How can they have favorite characters already? Sandy’s just getting started. Ahh! Hey Miko… where’d you come from? And why are you reading other people’s mail? That’s illegal! Hey… Don’t misunderstand me here. These letters are all for me! So these are all votes? You must be very popular. Heh heh heh. I bet I am! How could I lose, right? I was just introduced! It’s doesn’t seem fair… I haven’t even had a chance to show up properly! I’m sure you’ll do fine! I’ll need to make some arrests and show them I’m a real cop… Ooooor you could help me read some of these? Okay. So here are the results!

Who is your top character?

Sandy: 11

Miko: 5

Jill: 4

Kona: 3

Maxine: 3

Uhh… are you sure we counted these right? Maybe there’s a pile we missed. Wow! Sandy is so popular! Right? She’s the main character after all. And the one with the most screen time right now. And I’m second! You are. But that doesn’t make any sense. You haven’t shown up yet! That’s so cool. Thank you, everyone! And I’m tied for last… I like you, Kona… Can I vote for you? Thanks, hun. Pretty sure that’s illegal, though. Oh! Since we also asked everyone to rank their favorites in order, here’s another result with the average scores.

Sandy: 3.96

Miko: 3.38

Kona: 2.77

Jill: 2.67

Maxine: 2.27

Bam. Oh, those look a lot closer! And I get bumped up to a respectable 3rd place. I’ll take it. Sandy is still the clear winner though. Must be nice to be on top… But you guys didn’t just mail in a bunch of votes. Let’s read some of your messages.


► Sandy is really cute, she is one of my favorite waifus.

► she’s got a classic Kemono look to her and nice outfit.

► She’s just the whole package, y’know? The personality, the looks, everything. 😀

► Sandy and her adorable fluffy tail (and i like kemonomimi characters)

► Her curiosity of new comers and her hands. She works to bring others together. ❤

► Sandy’s the one I’ve seen the most of, so I know more about her than the others. I also find her very relatable.

► Humble and not really bragging about herself, very welcoming, personable.


► She’s a dog and dogs are cute 🙂

► She is a hecking cutie who like me likes Donuts. <3

► I’ve always had a thing for a cute cop

► Officer Miko’s love of sweets like me 😀

► She’s a precious doggo~


► cause she is muscled and adorable.

► Jill because her personality is kinda like mine and she is super energetic and… The Axe is awesome! But she is also someone others can rely on and helps keep things in tune in the forest.

► She’s got a country bumpkin bushmen vibe to her


► very ladylike from the youtube videos

► She’s spunky and fun!

► because she’s a corgi.


► Kona cuz shes thicc.

How kind of you to say those things! You look uncomfortable. Yeah. My uniform must be too tight… You know, since I’m “thicc”! Thanks for coming to Kona’s Mail Bag! See you next time!